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Aug 21, 2011 08:05 AM

new to very west edmonton/anthony henday

So many chain restaurants here but when you are looking for fresh, flavourful but WITHOUT chemical additives or preservatives where is a person to go when you get home and don't want to make dinner or go trekking to another part of the city for tasty and fresh but without chemicals. So far have found:
-Rice Paper and am working my way through the soup list
-Royal Pizza

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  1. A few west end options:
    -Homefire Grill (a bit of a "Canadian" menu, with some buffalo, etc on the menu)
    -Huong Long (some good vermicelli bowls here)
    -Delux (part of the Century Hospitality Group. I've had mixed experiences, but generally enjoy the food, though last time I did not get cotton candy at the end of my meal, like they usually serve. I was disappointed. Haha)

    There are some other good places that are still in the "west end", but they would be over 40 blocks away from the Henday.

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      Good luck with your search in "chain laden" west Edmonton. We usually tred the "trail" between Earl's, Cactus Club and Original Joe's.

      Vivo is a nice addition which I see that you "found" from my earlier post

      I am not familiar with Rice Paper. I know I could google it but can you tell me something about it?


      Homefire Grill is a place I ought to head back to and try. It has been several years since I was last there.

      I too am not ordinarily a "big fan" of the Century Group pool of restaurants but I do enjoy DeLux. In particular their red and striped beet salad rather than their focus, the burgers and hot dogs.

      Look forward to reading other suggestions. We are off to the Bothy tomorrow night and The Marc Wednesday. Neither fit into the Henday locale.

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        I went to Homefire Grill twice in the past year (hadn't been before). The first time, the restaurant was packed, the food was great, and so was the service.

        The second time, the restaurant was nearly empty, the food was dry as dust, and the service was so-so.

        Would suggest Jumbo for dinner, but avoid it for dim sum.

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          Really? I think Jumbo is great for Dim Sum. Any particular reason why you recommend staying away?

          1. re: CulinaryRD

            I used to like their dim sum but over the last couple of years I found that it's gotten greasier and wasn't appetizing. The last time I went there for dim sum I hardly ate anything and we ended up leaving early because the food was disappointing.

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              I need to head to Homefire one of these days. Thanks for the reminder gang.

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          Rice Paper has good Vietnamese food with a bit of a pedigree, served in a""nontraditional" atmosphere ( e.g. no formica tables and incongrouos music) on nice modern plates and bowls. For instance the grilled lemon grass chicken tastes like the chicken you could find round Edmonton some years ago before Vietnamese food became more mainstrean. The pedigree bit is that the owners were or are related to the original owners of Than Than ( which since has become a popular westernized oriental restaurant with Vietnamese overtones) -Worth a try.

        3. As a resident of St Albert I don't really like the chains so we have a habit of traveling around Edmonotn and Area.

          As was mentioned here Guru is good. If you are near the Henday head north and try the Prairie Bistro at Holes Enjoy centre (our new go for a glass of wine place).

          Head downtown and try some of the new resaurant there( Niche, Marc). I have lived in Calgary TO and Van and YEG is easy to get around. never more than 30 min.

          One find I have to say is about 1.5 hours north in Athabasca. The Riverside Bistro. (the little Red house).Who would have known a great little place like that exsistd in small town AB.

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            How about a separate post/threat on The Riverside Bistro?

            I have never heard of it.

            It has been a long time since I have been up to Athabaska but that is the type of info I appreciate receiving from Chowhound, i.e. you happen to be in a "strange" town but something in the back of ones mind suggests there is a spot to try...................

          2. Try Phoenicia (10406 Mayfield Road). It's Lebanese food and the service there is impeccable. It is family owned and very authentic.

            For pub grub, we like Brewsters (15820 87th Avenue). It's a chain, but it's an Alberta-born chain. Great microbrewed beer and passable typical pub fare.

            Sorrentinos has a location in Wolf Willow (6867-170 St) that is consistently good. The service there is always attentive and courteous. It gets pretty busy so you might need a reservation.

            La Pagode (17020 90 Ave) is good for simple Vietnamese fare. It's located in a strip mall across from WEM.