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Aug 21, 2011 07:49 AM


Fredericton has a second authentic Chinese restaurant--the very promising AROM on Regent St between King & Queen. In the space that used to be Mei's but absolutely no connection to Mei's operation. I had a quite enjoyable meal there and also have good reports from friends who know food. Ask for the Chinese menu.

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  1. Nice to hear. As an occasional visitor to Fredericton, I'll be glad to add this to my list of places to investigate. Was going to ask what the other authentic place you allude to is, but see from some of your past posts it must be Panda. I'd second that as a place for a good meal based on an experience there back in the winter.

    Have you tried breakfast at "Coffee and Friends"? The name almost kept me out when I was looking for a quick breakfast on the same trip when I had the Panda meal. Was pleasantly surprised to find a few Korean options on the menu amongst the relatively standard coffee shop eggs and bagels. Portions weren't big but made for a tasty, casual breakfast.