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Aug 21, 2011 07:03 AM

Psycho Suzi's Brunch

We're headed to Psycho Suzi's for brunch next weekend. They don't have their brunch menu on their website. Has anyone been? Any suggestions on must tries or things to avoid?

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  1. The only thing this place has going for it is the view. Super cheap ingredients = really bad food.

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    1. re: SarahInMinneapolis

      Yeah, the food sucks. Bad.

      The patio is nice, though. I suggest eating up at the Sample Room up the block beforehand, then hitting Psycho Suzi's for drinks.

      Sample Room
      2124 Marshall St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418

      1. re: keithinmpls

        Agree. The only thing worse than the food at Suzi's is the service. +1 on the Sample Room.

        Sample Room
        2124 Marshall St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418

        1. re: Bobannon

          Lest I lose my Chowhound cred, I'm aware that Psycho Suzi's is no La Belle Vie. We do like the patio though and our friends have 2 pooches that they can bring along. I'll report back and let you all know if this ends up being a huge mistake or if perhaps Ms. Suzi redeems herself with breakfast items.

          La Belle Vie
          510 Groveland Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55405

          1. re: Seige

            Maybe I spoke too harshly. I am definitely not a PS hater. I don't go a lot, but it's the only bar/resto where you can look out over the river. In my opinion, that patio always makes it worth the trip (as long as you're not after quality food).

            I consider it in the same regard as Lord Fletcher's. Shoddy food rescued by stellar patio and people watching n

            Lord Fletcher's
            3746 Sunset Dr, Spring Park, MN 55384

            1. re: keithinmpls

              Personally I don't get Psycho Suzi's. Yeah, it a patio. But it's not overlooking Gunflint Lake, or Lake Superior, or the St. Croix River. It's the Mississippi in NE MPLS - it's not exactly the best view in the world. (what's the view across the river? a metal recycling center?).

              It's weird. I know folks that have houses on great lakes, yet they are drawn to PS like moths to a light - crappy parking, long wait, bad food, bad service, and overpriced drinks and all. If the view is of the Rockies or the ocean, yeah, you can get away with bad food et al. But for a view of the Mississippi in NE MPLS, I don't think it's worth it. On the other hand, hundreds of people every night appear to disagree with my opinion.

              As far as patios and food go, the Uptown Cafeteria and Support Group fills my itch well. Nice rooftop patio, decent food, decent drinks, decent prices, good parking option. If I want a view of water, I'll go to one of the metros dozens of lakes where the view isn't an industrial area and picnic, or go to Sea Salt.

              1. re: foreverhungry

                had to laugh at your description of the view and the parking lot, etc. we've been a few times this summer and with the right table, drink and eats (i go for the solo pizza with sausage and the scorpion drink), it can be great fun. we went on tuesday, one of those perfect summer days, sat under a thatched roof with a view of the river and all the crud on the other side, had good enough service and we delighted our daughter, sil and two grandchildren with the fun of it all. they could move around, i could feel a bit of paradise after the scorpion drink, and we enjoyed the overall kitchiness. forget getting the hamburger, we tried it twice and it was a dry, tasteless hockey puck.

                1. re: carolita

                  One has to wonder if restaurants read these posts and at least attempt to make changes accordingly. Or, do they see a full house most nights and shrug their shoulders? It appears here that PS needs to make some real changes in their food...

                  1. re: sandylc

                    If you've ever met Leslie, you know she probably doesn't read this and if she did, she'd shrug despite how correct everyone is. Why improve when the place is busy regardless?

                    They don't need to change a thing because as someone who lives in the neighborhood, I can tell you; every night of the week there are 15 suburbanites holding up traffic on Marshall trying to parallel-park their Yukons between two other Yukons and failing miserably. The place is PACKED...except on Sundays.

    2. Good to see that I'm not the only one. I haven't even been to the new place, but used to live blocks away from Suzi's original location. We went there a lot when it was empty (before it was popular). Then she stopped carrying my favorite beer. Most importantly, she changed the batter recipe for the cheese curds and made them less than half as big as the were in the beginning. Their pizza was still good but I stopped going. Their mantra was a joke - a poor man's paradise. You don't charge $2.50 for a can of cheap beer and then pat yourself on the back for being a poor man's paradise.

      Poor Suzi

      1. PS's is what it is. Go there with having fun in mind and that's usually the outcome. About the only 'food' item I will order is the pizza. Nothing outstanding but it's not bad either. When your nearby competitors include the River Garden, the Otter, the Palace, and the Vegas Lounge, it's not hard to do well in that neighborhood. Can't help you with brunch info....

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        1. re: Maggie19

          "When your nearby competitors include the River Garden, the Otter, the Palace, and the Vegas Lounge, it's not hard to do well in that neighborhood."

          That logic makes sense when the place is packed with locals. But it's not locals that drive Psycho Suzi's - hasn't been for a long time. People drive in from the four corners of the metro area to pack the place. These are also the same people that, when it's 80 degrees, dry and sunny out, say things like, "it's for days like this that we live in Minnesota". They don't know that there are other areas in the US that actually have great weather all year long. And they don't know that there are other places where you don't have to wait to get a table, that have decent service and decent food, and good views. But alas, those places don't come with tiki glasses.

          But like Foureyes said, the place is packed most nights. And Real Housewives is a popular show. Sometimes, there's no making sense of it all.

        2. Update:

          So the brunch was this morning and yeah, the food was bad. Not like, inedible bad, but I think most anyone could do better at home on their own. I had just a traditional scrambled eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, toast and then got the butter waffle as a side because I love waffles more than toast and they wouldn't sub the waffle. The egss were a little rubbery, but the bacon (Nueske's) was good. Hashbrowns were so so and I didn't eat the toast because I got the waffle. Hubby got some poached egg thing with chorizo and black beans. Again, so-so, but nothing to write home about. I'm a bit puzzled by the people on PS's FB page raving about how amazing the breakfast is. Have they never eaten at a Denny's? Because frankly, this wasn't any better than that, if even. Oh and our friend ordered decaf coffee and was told they only have regular. Seriously? What kind of brunch ship are you running there, Suzi?

          All that said, I do still like the patio and going there for drinks is fun. I think we'll stick to it as a fun afternoon/evening stop for drinks with friends and forget about eating.

          1. The original comment has been removed