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Aug 21, 2011 06:52 AM

Pottoka Reviews??

I'm looking for some reviews of Pottoka, rue de l'exposiiton, 7th....



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  1. Hi Joan, there is one review available, but with lunch menus at 17 & 23 euros (two or three courses) this new bistro is on my priority list to try. Should be an easy walk from most ParisPerfect locations, about a block from Cafe Constant.

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      It is the new one opened by Fables owners and just around the corner from it. Saw a photo of outside on one site but google street view still has old place. I will certainly give it a try along with FL on Augerau which is almost next door to Cafe Constant. With so many great restaurants so nearby it can make it difficult to make the decision to travel across town! I do have a list of some in the 15th and also some 16th to try this fall. Will go down around la Muette area, too! I have quite a list that I will never begin to complete!

      We do have our now, 'annual' Thanksgiving at Violon d'Ingres! Last year was so absolutely great with the 'special' menu for our table. Catherine, Christian, Stephane and Alexandre all did a super job! I can't believe it could be as any better this year!

      Will continue to watch for some reviews here for this one...


    2. Don't know it but it sounds interesting. Thanks for the mention.

      1. We tried a quick lunch there on Tuesday. Its just behinf Fables, through the big stone arch. Its a small but very modern space with clean lines and a real feeling of the 7eme about it i.e. a healthy sprinkling of monied locals. Service is very freindly and obliging, it was about a thord full at 1:00pm.

        They have a set menu and ALC and there re distinct Spanish overtones to the menu. We start with a plate of meats, a ham, some boudin noir, and two salamis all good. For main We opt for more boudin with a tarte which comes with a ceariac salad - very good. We also have some Croquettas which are OK but nothing like as good as thy can be. To finish i try the pear cooked in the oven which is wonderful and if the other desserts are as good they are all worth trying. We share a carafe of Pic St Loup and the overall bill comes to €60 which is fair but not great value for a quick lunch - that said the lunch menu was considerably cheaper.

        Woud I head back? Yes, if i lived in Paris again. It would be a great neighbourhood place and i am certain you could soon brcome a regular. Would i include it on a earing plan for a wees trip, probably not.

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          Some photos - my hunger got the better of me in the last one

        2. My husband and I were there about 2 weeks ago. Very decent lunch set at 17E for 2 and 22E for 3 courses if you can stomach having no choices. We enjoyed the rich and bold flavors and I could hardly believe the carrot puree on the lamb confit was carrot. I think it must have been cream with some carrot instead hehe. I think its a good neighborhood place, probably not one to travel for but can definitely give the neighborhood Les Cocottes and Cafe Constant a run for their money.
          More details on my blog:

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            Although i wonder if Constant is involved (financially) it is an offshoot of Fables in which i think he still retains an interest.