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Aug 21, 2011 04:50 AM

Rob's Hot Dogs Rt 527 Jackson NJ

I just had to stop by and have IMO the best Home made Chili Dogs I've had in a long time .....
every time I'm in the area I gotta get 3 or 4 !!!!....The Hot Dogs are Sabrett style, the chili is home made daily by the lady who runs Rob's Hot Dog Truck..... parked on Rt 527 & Grawtown Rd.....Great prices, Friendly service ....DELICIOUS Hot dogs! Check it out sometime!

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  1. Sounds good. Do the dogs have a natural casing?

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    1. re: hotdoglover

      I really don't know about casing...seems to be the standard Sabrett ( dirty water dog ) you would get off a cart in NYC,.. ....would have to ask to be sure .....all I Know the Chili is wonderful. ;-)

      1. re: Tapas52

        Hi Tapas,

        Are you coming on the 2011 NJ Hot Dog Tour?

        Just asking because once you have completed a day listening to our fine "hotdoglover" educating us on the finer points of hot dogs, you will never have to wonder about
        what kind of dog you are eating. You will be an active participant in everything hot doggy!

        I should know...I am one of the enlightened ones.

        PS....How many different types of mustard does this cart in Jackson have?


        1. re: MishyPoo

          MishyPoo what are the dates for the hotdog tour.......this is just a very simple Hot Dog truck with great chili dogs out in the Jackson woods...... I usually couple it with ketchup & mustard of unknown origins?.... all I know it tastes good....... believe me I know hot dogs but I'm always willing to learn more in depth info I used to live up North in Newark & between Rutt's Hut, Dickie D's, Jimmy Buffs, and a host of others I have been on many of my own personal hot dog tours..... did I also mention I grew up in Coney Island so Nathans was my childhood love ? ;-) ...anyway if Im available I would love to take the tour your talking about.....if my schedule allows it.

          Take care..

          1. re: Tapas52


            I too am from Brooklyn, not in Coney Island, but not far from it.

            Here is the Facebook page for the upcoming Hot Dog Tour.

            I believe there are still spots available. Benzee is the contact if you need more info.


            It is on Saturday, Sept 24 and the meet up place is Galloping Hill Inn in Union, NJ.


            I have copied and pasted the page for those who may not have access to the FB page.

            8th Annual New Jersey Hot Dog Tour
            Sat Sept 24th

            Tour will depart from Galloping Hill Inn at Noon
            Arrival at 11 AM

            NOTE: For those coming from points north the motorcoaches will be departing from Coney Island Restaurant in Middletown NY and the Harriman MTA Commuter Lot before going to GHI

            We will have two full motorcoaches again this yr

            Intinerary is

            Galloping Hill Inn - Union
            Jimmy Buffs - East Hanover
            Mannys Texas Weiners - Union
            Soups or Dogs - Iselin
            Out of THis Wold Hot Dogs - Elizabeth
            Jacks Frank and Fries - Union

            Go to
            Forums section
            Meets and Greets
            Annual Jersey Hot Dog Tour
            For pics and info from previous tours

            Email me at for reservations
            PM Erwin Benz on FB

            Cost $35 per person includes Motorcoach and refreshments on bus

            Hosted by Benzee and Mr John Fox who has appeared on Travel Channel and print and is considered the foremost authority on everything that is Jersey Dogs

            1. re: MishyPoo

              MishyPoo thank you so much for the info

              1. re: Tapas52

                Stopped by Rob's Hot-dog truck again today for two excellent Home Made Chili Dogs soooo good!