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Aug 21, 2011 03:42 AM

dehydrator recipes - what to make?

I got a dehydrator last Christmas and haven't yet used it. What to make?

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  1. My friend has one and she dried cherry tomatoes (good snack and also chopped up in pasta) as well as watermelon, which was surprisingly good.

    I don't have the 'recipes' (well, drying times), but I'm sure you could search for them or just dry until they seem done.

    1. The most fun thing I've ever made is dehydrated watermelon. It's like fruit taffy. Slice the watermelon into thin wedges, remove the rind, and dehydrate it until it's thin and dry, but still flimsy.

      I use my dehydrator to make meals for backcountry camping, mostly. I'll make chickpea curries (like a chana masala) and spread it onto sheets of parchment paper in the dehydrator to dry. I've had a lot of success dehydrating chili and spaghetti sauces the same way. Just be careful with meat - if you plan on dehydrating any, make sure it's a) in small bits, and b) void of fats, which can spoil. If I'm cooking meats to add to a dehydrator meal, I'll drain off all the fats before procceding with the recipe. I will also cook rice or pasta, and dehydrate that so it's a snap to cook at the campsite - which saves fuel.

      I'll store all my dehydrated meals in the freezer, until I'm ready to take them camping. It's just an insurance policy to reduce the chances of spoilage.

      1. Aside from the obvious fruits -- apples, bananas, grapes, cherries, pineapple, etc. -- I'd suggest jerky. Beef, venison, buffalo, elk all make great jerkies. Heaven knows why, but my son talked me out of my dehydrator last year and I've missed it since. Maybe I should ask him for one for Christmas??

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          When I first got a dehydrator it was amazing to see what you ended up with making jerky. You start out with a pound of meat and how little jerky it made. Meat must be 95% water.