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Aug 21, 2011 01:27 AM

fish noodles?

Anybody know a place that does good fish flavored noodles? Just had an amazing version at Grace Garden in Odenton MD outside Baltimore, possibly the best Chinese dish I've had all year. Have tried the ones at Mings in Wollaston but they didn't come close.

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  1. The fish noodles are fish flavored because they're made of fish, ground and extruded into boiling water (FWIU anyway.) I've had them twice and can't say I'm particularly impressed, especially considering the price. That said, Grace Garden overall is certainly worth the drive from Boston. As for the noodles, I certainly don't know anywhere else to get them. So if you succeed in tracking them down, let us all know..

    1. Man would I love to know, as well. Sadly I never made it to Ming's in Wollaston before they changed ownership (or at least re-branded). The only other Fuzhou-focused restaurant in town that I am aware of is China Gourmet on Tyler, and according to their menu they do seem to have fish noodles, though I would be pleasantly surprised to know if they're making them in-house from whole fish. Let's go find out.

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        Nab, thanks for the suggestion, i took out some "fish noodles" from China Gourmet, but they turned out to be quite different, just regular thin flat noodles (similar to Penang's char kway teow noodles) with some token pork and veggies, and not much fish flavor (and certainly no fish evident in the noodle itself). Oh well...

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          Arch, I should've warned you about CG. My friend was refused the food he tried to order (pork with gong cai?) first being told he wouldn't like it, and then being told after the waiter peeked into the kitchen "sold out." When I tried to order black chicken soup, they said the same thing. The pork with lychee we ended up ordering was terrible--just sweet pink glop indistinguishable from any other sweet glop except by color. So they may not even have served you what you actually ordered.