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Aug 20, 2011 09:58 PM

Picking up a picnic on the way to the zoo

We're going to a zoo concert tomorrow and need a place to pick up dinner because I'm too lazy to cook. Any single stop vaguely between Queen Anne and the zoo, that's open Sunday afternoons, will work. I'm a little sick of Homegrown. The yummier the better; any ethnicity. I'm not a traditional sandwich person, though my husband is; I'm more about the sides. We'll have a picky three-year-old with us (though I'm not so lazy I can't bring him a PB&J).

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  1. Picnic is open 12-5 on Sunday. But it is a bit spendy and limited in options. Good choice if you like high quality sandwiches (prosciutto, brie, arugula for instance.)

    Take 5 Urban Market is on 8th Ave NW. A bit less expensive - and lots of extra supplies.

    Fresh Flours has a smallish bakery/cafe on the Ridge - some sandwiches. Good coffee and pastry, cookies.

    Ken's Market at 73rd - big deli, nice store. Much nicer than the one on QA (and no longer part of the same of the same family, last I heard.)

    I used to see lots of pizzas at the concerts. Mostly from Zeeks. But Veraci isn't too far away.

    Chef Liao is just north of the zoo and opens early enough. Not bad, tho it's been years since I've been there.

    1. There's Dot's Deli a few blocks from the zoo down Fremont Ave. Sausages, sandwiches, some cured meat selections, a few salads. We picked up a BLT and a tomato & fennel salad there yesterday and walked up to picnic in the rose garden.

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      1. re: Brunhilde

        slap hand upside of head - wouldn't Dot's be the best thing to take to a zoo concert!

        1. re: tsquare

          Dot's is pretty cool , a cook with the best food tatoos ever and the stupendous sausage sandwich $8.

      2. PCC
        7504 Aurora Avenue North has a big deli section

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          We went to the PCC in Fremont. Though Dot's would have been nice!

        2. Paseo? I picked up a Midnight Cuban there last year before the John Hiatt zoocert--the sandwich was better than the show!

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          1. re: kaleokahu

            I would have said the same any other night, but I got the impression that this concert was on a Sunday.

            1. re: Brunhilde

              I did this the other day when taking my daughter to the zoo. Based on reputation, I was somewhat dissapointed in Ken's Market for deli items: they looked less fresh and interesting. The quality and selection was much closer to QFC than PCC.

              1. re: Brunhilde

                My bad, Brunhilde. I don't get out often enough.


            2. The original comment has been removed