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Aug 20, 2011 04:28 PM

Asian Market in or near Winston-Salem

Looking for an asian market--hopefully Japanese, Chinese or Korean--that sells some interesting Asian products in or near Winston-Salem. Willing to go to High Pt or Greensboro, but if there's another in North Carolina, let me know as I'll be around the state later this year

Asian Market
575 W Pike St Ste 17C, Lawrenceville, GA 30045

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  1. there is one in Winston on Lockland avenue off of Silas Creek. There is also another one on Peters Creek near mayflower seafood but I've never been to that one in greensboro there are several Vietnamese stores, a Korean one and the pan asian store on w. Market st near spring garden.

    Are there any items in particular that you seek?

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      thanks, nothing in particular right now, but wanted to look around for some asian products

    2. The best market in the area is the Super G in Greensboro. It is as lage as any regular american grocery.. It is located on West market street in Greensboro. There are many post on Chowhoud about the market.

      1. Other posters have mainly hit the mark. I like the Asian Grocery Store at 880 Peters Creek Parkway in
        Winston (336-725-5889) it has most of my needs.

        A little further afield in Greensboro is the Super G as noted and for a more korean focus, the Koh Hyan Market is good. (4711 High Point Rd # B, Greensboro, NC 27407-5345, (336) 855-9191). Also, just a bit further down the road is Jerusalem Market, it is a great food find but more european/mediteranean than asian. (Sorry, always have to give them a plug)

        Even further afield is Li Mings (3400 Westgate Drive, Durham) in Chapel Hill/Durham. It is right off of I-40 on 15/501 but has the best selection of asian produce and even live fish which I have not found in the WS area. This is a great market that my wife and I will miss when we move back to WS.

        Another interesting grocery is the one at Golden India restaurant (2837 Fairlawn Drive (336) 777-0004) Good staples for Indian cooking. Again not exactly what you were asking for but can fill in spots for Japanese/Chinese/Korean cooking sometimes.

        All in all, my experiences is that Winston is working hard and improving each year in the international grocery department. And here is hoping the momentum picks up. But, Chapel Hill/Durham/Cary have stronger offerings - broader, fresher, more varied. Reflective of the more diverse populations there as well.

        Golden India Restaurant
        2837 Fairlawn Dr, Winston Salem, NC 27106

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          great thanks for the comprehensive response. I hope for more varied food stores too!