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Aug 20, 2011 04:10 PM

Portland breakfast rec?


We're getting into Portland late in the evening and heading out the next morning to the Columbia River Gorge area. Can you recommend an awesome place with the kind of breakfast that leaves you full through lunch?


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  1. It would help to know what day this will be on - lines at breakfast places on weekends can be looong, and if you're on a schedule, this will affect recommendations (and also what is open). I would generally recommend Kenny and Zuke's - but not on a Sunday.

    1. Country Cat is on the way, just had breakfast there and it is wonderful and they open at 9am for breakfast

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        Thanks to both posters. We will be looking for breakfast on Saturday morning, so I'm expecting long lines - although the goal is to get started early. I'd also be curious to know about a good doughnut and coffee place. It may be that a Saturday breakfast will take too long.

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          The relatively new Otto on SE 18th and Hawthorne has a small brunch menu, but it's good, cheap for the amount of food you get, and it hasn't gotten the long lines yet. As for a good doughnut on Saturday, I'd hit up Fleur de Lis Bakery on NE Hancock. Get the potato doughnut or the raised glazed.

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            Bijou Cafe in downtown Portland has really good food! Excellent Oyster Hash and very large portions. :)

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              oyster hash??!! Awesome. Any thoughts as to how crowded it gets on weekend mornings?

      2. We ate at Pine State Biscuits for breakfast recently and that held us all day, no kidding! We didn't even want to head out for dinner. Had a "Moneyball" with the vegetarian shiitake gravy and a side of grits, daughter had the same only with a side of hashbrowns. It was seriously delicious and seriously filling. You'll have to wait in line on a weekend, but the line moves pretty fast and it is worth the relatively short wait! We went to the location on Belmont. Limited seating, but you could get your food to go and eat anywhere. Yum! I can't wait to go back for another Moneyball!

        Pine State Biscuits
        3640 SE Belmont St, Portland, OR 97214

        1. Genie's. Tasso Benedict, or anything off the specials menu.