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Aug 20, 2011 04:03 PM

Food recs in the Bend-Sisters-La Pine-Crater Lake area?


We are two NYCers traveling through this area next week. What is unique and/or not-to-be-missed? Veg-friendly places are even better, and the goal is to eat local.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. There are a number of good restaurants, but none that meet your criteria. You might look here:

    1. Sisters, La-Pine, and C-Lake will not have what you are looking for (probably) as far as eating local and veg friendly. LaPine and C. Lake are too small and rural of areas to even care about that. Sisters there would be a few places. As bend goes, that is where you will find most verity. For veg-friendly places i would check out this site:

      Bend is known for having that 'local' kick. So you will find many places that promote eating local. Most of the 9 breweries in bend will promote locally grown foods.

      Let me know if you want some meat and beef in your diet, and i will point you in the right direction....b.c thats where its at! ;) Hope you enjoy the Pac NW!

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        Thanks to both of you for your replies! Tacompton, I welcome the meat and beef recs, because one of us is as much a meat and beef eater as the other is a veg/fish eater. Please recommend! Also, which of the nine breweries would be at the top of your list?


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          My fav is Bend Brewing Company. It’s pretty low key with great beer that sits just off the Deschutes River. A lot of tourist hit up Deschutes Brewery as well. That is also a great place to get decent food with amazing/different beer that is only found at the pub (gets real busy though). Probably one of the cooler atmospheres is the newer 10 barrel brewing co. They have a great outdoor patio/fire pit with good beer. Bend is a beer town, so you cant get too far without trying one of the area’s amazing beers. The town of Sisters also has a great brewery called 3 creeks brewing co. For a great burger you cant miss Pilot Butte (no to be confused with the actual pilot butte in town). If you are newer to town I would suggest hitting up McMenamins as well. That is a good place to stay, catch a movie eat dinner and have amazing beer (the best 1 stop shopping in my book). Bend has too many good restaurants to name off so here are my top 5 breweries to hit up based on food, beer and atmosphere.

          Bend Brewing Co

          10 Barrel


          Cascade Lakes


          If its straight beer you are after. Go to Boneyard brewing (just a tap room).

          Deschutes Brewery
          901 SW Simpson Ave, Bend, OR

          Bend Brewing Company
          1019 NW Brooks St, Bend, OR 97701

          1. re: Tacompton

            Bend Brewing has GREAT fish & chips.

            1. re: Tacompton

              Thanks Tacompton! We're in Bend now and last night went to Deschutes, which did not dissapoint. I might add that I thought that the prices were more than reasonable for some really good beer. Wife had the housemade gingerale which was really unique. May try and hit another brewery on the list tonight.

              1. re: bennyt

                No problem. I hope you are enjoying the area even with all the wildfires :(

          2. re: Tacompton

            There must be a lot a local veg options - if you like pine needles! :)