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Aug 20, 2011 02:17 PM

Gluten-free potato pancakes!

My cousins came over for brunch today, and one of them can't eat gluten. I made potato pancakes and subbed brown rice flour (Bob's Red Mill brand) for the usual matzo meal. They were great, and my cousin was so happy! Just wanted to pass along this tip in case you're in a similar situation.
I've also used crushed rice crispies as a binder in salmon burgers which were really good too.

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  1. What a nice cousin you are! I am sure your efforts were really appreciated. I have celiac disease so must avoid gluten and cross contamination like crazy so have to get extra creative in the kitchen! It is amazing what I use to replace gluten in things.

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      Thanks! Maybe you can give us some of your best tips. I really like making things that my cousin normally can't eat.

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        I found this on Chowhound and made it with fresh corn and Benton bacon. I used up all my Hatch chiles in my cheddar chile bread but you should have a few to kick it up. Best with butter and honey.
        Really good corn bread does not require wheat flour or sugar in it. The recipe is very simple. Put a cast iron skillet in an oven at 375 F. Place about 3 Tbs. bacon drippings, lard or an oil that can take high heat without burning. While pan and fat are heating mix together 1 1/2-2 C. stone ground cornmeal(anson farms), 1 C. buttermilk, 1/2 tsp baking soda, salt and 1 beaten egg. When the pan is smoking hot pour in the batter, it should sizzle and fry as it hits the fat. Bake at 375 F. until golden brown. Bacon bits or pork cracklings are a good addition. Have a lot of top quality butter on hand. Bacon may be omitted if the GF cousin keeps Kosher.

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          Thanks. This will go perfectly with the green chile stew I'm making right now to serve tomorrow. And I'll keep it in mind for future GF meals. Thank goodness my cousin doesn't keep Kosher. Her husband is a vegetarian so coming up with menus is already challenging enough! But it's also kind of fun - like a complicated puzzle to solve. I'm holding my breath to see what their 3 your old ends up eating...

    2. I've been using this recipe from Joan Nathan for years, not because we're GF (although we have a cousin with celiac), just because we like it so much. No substitutions or adaptations, it's naturally gluten-free and kosher for Passover.

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        Thanks. I actually have a copy of this one stuck in my Joan Nathan Jewish Holiday cookbook, but I've never tried it. Now I will!

      2. FYI I don't think brand name rice krispies are gluten free. They contain malt.

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          Yep, they do. It stinks. I miss rice krispie treats, but not enough to pay out the nose for GF faux krispies.

        2. almond meal is another outstanding binder... i use it in salmon croquettes, any veggie pancakes, etc. and it adds just a hint of sweet, nutty flavor. however, i should note that in Potato Pancakes, we don't use ANY binder. just potatoes, onions, egg, salt pepper, etc.

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              actually, it's just grated potatoes, diced onions, eggs, S & P, and fried. sometimes i throw in herbs, but not for the purist occasions. and for the purist occasions, fry in schmaltz. i also like to cook the onions first as well.