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Aug 20, 2011 01:22 PM

What is the different between Korean soy sauce and Chinese soy sauce? [moved from Ontario]

I'd like to try making my own Kalbi sauce for a change and wonder what the difference is in taste between Korean soy sauce and Chinese soy sauce?

Or a better question is what types of soy sauces do Koreans use for their cooking?

Below is a good link on the recipe.


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  1. Korean Soy Sauce is very dark and intensely flavoured and is the same product as the Japanese Soy Sauce which means they can be used interchangeably. Only difference is the brand name.

    Chinese Soy Sauce on the other hand has different flavour and has many different types. Dark Soy (which I suppose is closest to the Korean/Japanese version), Light Soy (which is actually saltier than the Dark), Mushroom Soy, etc etc. Although nobody will jail you for using instead of Korean Soy, I would not recommend it as these soys are different and the result will be different. I would even go as far to say that to use the specific Chinese Soy when cooking Chinese food. All of these details have been thought out.

    I can't eat Sushi with Chinese Soy and much as Chinese food tastes funny when served with Korean rice if that makes any sense to you at all.

    1. Just go to PAT and buy either Korean or Japanese-made Kikkoman