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Porterhouse Bistro

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Any opinions on Porterhouse Bistro on Wilshire? I'll be in the area tonite and thought about maybe having dinner there.

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  1. good place...good prices. they do a pre fixe menu that is good on the value.

    1. It's edible, though they have issues with what exactly medium is. ("Do you see any pink anywhere in this steak?").

      The prix-fixe is a reasonable value given that you're paying for rent on a major boulevard in Beverly Hills.

      You could do worse.

      1. One step above Outback Steakhouse and probably two steps behind Ruth Chris ...

        1. its awesome! $40 for 4 courses, 2 cocktails. Its exactly what it is a mid price range steakhouse in BH that wont kill your wallet book.

          1. hi everyone...has anyone been here recently? still a good deal for the pre fixe menu?

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              Is it still open - it has been for sale forever?
              Please, do yourself a favor and go anywhere but Porterhouse. You may be the only person(s) in the place.
              If you are looking for a value steak dinner, go to Taylor's in K-town.
              If you want steak and money is not the only reason for selecting Porterhouse, then go to Jar on Beverly Blvd.

              Jar Restaurant
              8225 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90048

              Taylor's Steakhouse
              3361 West 8th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90005

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                I agree with Carter, Porterhouse bistro is a total waste of time & $$$

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                I was last there on the Fourth of July. I've eaten there multiple times over the last several years (generally felt it was good for the price), but this last experience was pretty disappointing. The service has always been sort of amateurish and this was no exception, but the real problem was that the steaks were overcooked. We ordered medium and one medium to medium rare and both were well done. Also, the desserts are not very good. I probably wouldn't go back--not worth it.

                1. re: Snoopy

                  It caters to the 60 and up age range, looking for a deal. The food is bad and the service sucks. The last time I was there, (6 months ago) lets say there was a problem with insects in the bathroom, insects you dont want to see in a restaurant.

                  I really don't know how it stays in business.

              3. I go to Porterhouse Bistro about every two months. My guests and I have always enjoyed it. The steaks we've been served have always been good. There are one or two places in town where I think the steak is better but dinner for four at one of them will run at least $100 more and I don't think the steak is $100 better if you follow me. I also the onion soup at Porterhouse Bistro and have had no problem with the service.

                I'm not doubting that others may have had different experiences. I'm just reporting mine.

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                  You should try Taylor's in KoreaTown on 8th Street at Ardmore. Very good product, very affordable in a very non-Ruth's Chris kind of way. More like an affordable Musso & Frank's.

                  Taylor's Steakhouse
                  3361 West 8th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90005