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Aug 20, 2011 12:48 PM

sunday breakfest - hendersonville,NC

Looking for moderate priced breakfest in hendersonville for this sunday or other choices on the way to greenville,SC

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  1. Have yet to find the blow me away great breakfast spot in the Hendersonville area, but here are a couple of basic ones that we have liked....and by "basic" I mean you'll have choices of pretty standard fare - you won't find your goat cheese, swiss chard, ramp omelets, etc at these places. Sadly, I haven't found that sort of menu around here.

    Kosta's Kitchen - on 25 in Fletcher, right near Blue Sky Cafe. Insist on sitting in the front room. The back room feels like a cave to me. This is their blog I guess (Just found it today). the pics are from their old location, but the menu is the same (or very similar). Lots of local folks here. There is usually a wait.

    Fireside Restaurant (on Sugarloaf just off of the Four Seasons Exit off of I-26). Again, traditional fare, maybe slightly better (or more interesting) than Kosta's. Also usually a wait.

    If all you need is a great pastry and coffee, Flat Rock Bakery wins hands-down, but they don't have breakfast plates or anything like that - just your usual (and fantastic) breakfast breads, pastries and coffee drinks.

    If you want to go all high-falutin', there's always the brunch at Season's in Flat Rock which has been great the last couple of times we've gone. Pricey at $25/each though. A special occasion place for sure or if someone else is paying. :)

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      this might be a more up to date link for Kostas - their FB page.

    2. Oops, just saw your "moderately priced". Ok, so scratch Season's!! haha

      1. Dixie diner is a good bet for a basic country breakfast. Good biscuits!