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Aug 20, 2011 12:46 PM

Bohemian Gastropub is actually quite nice

Gina Mallet really cleaned their clock in her latest review, so I feel I have to intervene. For one thing, the place doesn't remotely resemble a Carpathian hunting lodge: sometimes I think the woman is nuts. As to the food, I had the veal schnitzel, and while I thought the choice of serving it with a raspberry sauce or whatever it was was a bit odd and sort of meh, both the schnitzel and the accompanying potato cucumber salad weren't bad at all. I wonder if Austro-Hungarian cooking is going to be the next food fad: Steven Temkin wrote a piece about schnitzel in a recent issue of City Bites. It made me think about Graf Bobi, an Austro-H restaurant that was popular, I think, in the seventies. I remember it for its educational placemats on Belle Epoque Viennese culture. Somebody should bring it back.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. I created a thread about it the other day. Already 2 other reviews there too

      2. I found the schnitzel to be the best thing on the menu so far, it seems like they're overreaching on some of the other dishes with odd flavour combinations on the plate. Still I'm looking forward to a few return trips when the weather gets cooler. I don't know about Austro-Hungarian being the "next food fad" (Austrian is quite different from Hungarian... remember the old Blue Cellar Room?) but it's definitely stick-to-your-ribs cooking.

        1. I went on Wednesday annd was not impressed at all, in fact I would never go back and would not recomend it to anyone. I arrived before my friend and took a seat at the bar, no greeting no menu just a "wanna beer" from the bartender. I asked for a cocktail and and took in the surroundings. As I waited I noticed there only seemed to be two people working and the place was basically full. Neither one of them smiled the whole time I was there or in anyway interacted. Another thing that I noticed was that after being ther 30 minutes not one table had recieved any food... I should have taken that as a hint and left.. Once my friend arrived we sat at a table and were given a menu. We ordered the green bean salad the poutine & the Smelts as apps and the Schnitzel and the pot pie thing as mains..
          And we waited... had to be 40 minutes till they arrived.. Poutine was interesting but as most dishes I tried lacked seasoning the gravey was more like a greasy jus, the smelts were nice but again bland. The beans were not bad but way too many and too crunchy in my opinion.
          We waited a long time again for the Mains and when they arrived they were obviously overcooked. The schnitzel was like shoe leather and the breading just peeled off as you tried to cut it. The meat pie thing came in a little pot with a lid and some pastry burnt to a crisp around it Inside the pork was floating in grease. The roast potatos with it had most over cooked then a couple that were still almost raw.. As we waited for the waitress to come arround so that we could flag her down we did eat the pork as were were hungry but returned the schnitzel... All in all nothing redeaming I can say about the place.. which is sad because I really like Boehmer and thought it woudl be a great little spot on queen.

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              So we got there around 7 pm on a Saturday night, and with the exception of one other table, we were the only ones there. Later on in the night a few more tables were filled, but this is a pretty big restaurant.. so im not sure they can sustain themselves on this type of traffic. But I guess the upside of this was that it wasn't loud at all, which I like.. I also really liked the room.. its dark, sexy and the tables are adorned with little mason jars of home-made preserves (which apparently they do sell).
              Service started out very friendly and considerate, though a bit slow throughout the night (which actually just got worst).... I ordered a Caesar, and because I guess they didn't have any Clamato, the hostess/server ran out to buy some while the bartender held took care of diners. Actually, I saw the poor girl go out for a few different juice runs over the course of our meal. Nice that they care. The Caesar was nothing special, but large. After that, everything came rather slowly after that, which was strange considering how few diners were there.
              We tried:
              Butternut Squash Soup with Spiced Pumpkin Seeds and Nutmeg Cream- probably the best thing we tried all night.. I loved the candied spicy pumpkin seeds, and think it was a perfect sized serving.
              Spatzle Poutine with Bratwurst Gravy and Ontario Cheese Curds- I actually found the gravy pretty salty.. not greasy...what I did not like much was d the little bits of sausage in there b/c they were a bit dry.
              Braised Bourguignon Beef Short Ribs, with Parsnip puree, Pearl Onions and Lardons- A huge portion of beef, with that same jus-style gravy again. I thought the pearl onions were really good, but the lardons were not rendered enough for me so they were still pretty fatty.
              Spicy dry Rubbed Apple & Cherry Wood Smoked Baby Back Ribs with Frites and Apple Celery Root Slaw- Didn't try the ribs but they got good reviews. I thought the frites were just okay, and the slaw tasted like it had been sitting in its mayo dressing a little too long as it wasn't as crunchy as I wanted.
              So at this point there were maybe 3 other tables and service started to slip. It wasn't that I was hungry but I wouldn't have minded seeing the dessert menu... but alas, our mains were cleared and no one asked us if we wanted anything else.. So, we both kind of just sat there with our water waiting for someone to offer something (coffee? a drink? anything?!), and after about 10-15 minutes, we just asked for the bill..Overall, the price is good and and the food is above average for a pub, so I might try them again if Im in the neighbourhood and feel like a more interesting pub food, but after that lazy service .. I definitely wouldn't rush back. Hopefully they work on that a bit.

              1. re: hungryabbey

                I love the look of those jars!

                The traffic is pretty sparse at lunch too. They have a sweet deal that's a soup and a sandwich for $12? $15? under 20 minutes they say. I had the french onion which wasn't bad (friend had the butternut and that was good), and ate the currywurst (the schnitzel and the pulled pork were out that day). Overall okay. Expensive for lunch, but not for what you're getting, you know?

                  1. re: iMarilyn

                    Yeah, I think I read Bohmer himself was running the kitchen....Can't recall the source...

                    On their facebook page it shows :

                    Executive Chef: Paul Boehmer
                    Chef de Cuisine: Michel Childe

                    On ChefDb it shows Michel as "pastry chef" at Boehmer-

                      1. re: hungryabbey

                        I think my earlier comment disappeared because it was probably libellous. Christopher Scott quit, and Michel Childe doesn't work there anymore. There was another chef de cuisine in between the two but I can't remember his name, and apparently he quit too. Any restaurant having this much trouble keeping staff should raise some questions.