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Aug 20, 2011 10:29 AM

Costco ciabatta rolls - are they gone?

We use those for toast, for sandwiches, a house staple. Costco shopper in the family came home and told me they'd been replaced with....another type of totally inferior "torta sandwich roll." Much thinner than the ciabatta rolls and a completely different, much softer, texture.

Can this be true?

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  1. Same thing at our Costco. We like the Torta rolls better for sandwiches but the ciabattas were indeed great and we miss them. But you never know -- they could come back.

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      They were demonstrating Torta rolls and I tasted and bought. They are not bad, but IMO they are so sweet, too sweet for me to use as anything except as a 'sweet roll.' They might be good for me using for French Toast, but I'll not be buying them again if they do have their usual La Brea ciabatta. I usually make my own bread, but when I'm too busy, their ciabatta always works for me.

    2. I know people who have had products developed and sold in Costco stores...both have told me the same things with regard to negotiated pricing and discontinuing an item. If they can get a similar item for a few pennies less from another source, they will drop you.....and if the product doesn't sell out, they discontinue it.......with a packaged item, if it sits on the shelf for 30 days, it's off the floor.

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      1. re: fourunder

        You're absolutely correct. If it doesn't move off the shelves fast enough, it's gone. This applies to virtually 100% of Costco's products. I have those rolls at the Costco I work at, but each store varies their products to some degree based on what sells and what doesn't.

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          Whew, so relieved. Going there tomorrow, and thier ciabbata works perfectly with my chicken meatball recipe. Maybe I'd better stock up.

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            Not in Signal Hill. I was there last Thursday.

          2. We just started getting them at the Lake Elsinore store - delicious!

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            1. re: justanotherpenguin

              Refer to my above posting, if you wish.
              At Manassas, VA, I was told Saturday that they are no longer available. A person from the bakery said that people LOVED them; and the ciabatta has no date for returning, but that didn't rule out a possibility for the ciabatta return.

            2. They were sampling them on Sunday w/butter in the Union NJ store.

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              1. re: jnk

                NJ was sampling ciabatta? If so, at least NJ knows how to merchandise. Down in here 'sweet tea' land, I'm sure it's torta, torta, torta all the way ;-))