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Mar 29, 2006 02:08 PM

Algerian Pastry shop in LA?

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Does anyone know if there is an Algerian pastry shop (or something similar) in LA like the one featured in the NY Times food section today? A place that sells cornets pistaches, hazelnut baklavas, dziriates and cornes de gazelles.


Times article:


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  1. I did read that lovely article. You can find many of the same or similar pastries at Sarki's. There's one in Pasadena, on Washington Blvd., just west of Allen, and I think there's also a Sarki's in Glendale. They make lovely mamoul, which are semolina pastries shaped in a wooden mold and filled with ground walnuts or ground pistachios, scented with rosewater. Lots of different semolina-based pastries like nammoura, some based on kataifi, shredded filo dough. And the baklava are wonderful. The ground cashew-filled or pistachio filled finger-shaped baklava (like the cornets in the article, I imagine) -- they're amazing.

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      Also try Panos Pastry in Hollywood.

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        I second Sarkis- although their pastries tend to be quite sweet as opposed to what was described in the NYT article and it is Armenian. I love their noumoura though.

      2. Hello

        I was referenced in the article. I am in Los Angeles. Algerian pastries have similarities with Middle Eastern pastries, however there are enough differences for me to say that at the places mentioned you will not find anything similar to what is mentioned in the article. The list if ingredients is fairly short, once you change the nuts, type of flour, etc... you have a different pastry.

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          Is there somewhere where we can purchase your pastries or are you a chef at a local resto?

        2. Hi

          I don't have a restaurant. I'm an instructor at this school

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            DO you sell any Algerian style pastries in the bakery connected to the school on Green / Madison?