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Aug 20, 2011 09:12 AM

Home made hashbrowns

What I been liking is take a raw potato and peal it. If it's for more than one person you are cooking for then you need 2 potatoes. Shred the potatoes in a pan. Add water to cover the potatoes and boil on medium high heat for about 8 to 10 minutes, or just when the shreds turn limp.

Drain the shreds in a strainer and fluff them out the best you can over some paper toweling and dry them up some.

Take the Old Fashioned Black Cast Iron Skillet and spread some butter on bottom around to season it,

Now what I like best when I make mine is to add some shreds to the bottom of the pan just enough to cover the bottom, then I add some garlic salt and pepper. Not a lot. Then I sprinkle on some chopped onions. Now add the rest of the shreds.

Add a good pat of butter on the top of the shreds. Put the glass round Slow cooker cover or Fryer cover over the potatoes on between medium low heat and medium. Closer to medium low heat.

Let cook for about 15-20 minutes, depending on how much potatoes you have. More, much longer, or until the bottom has a good brown Crisp bottom to it.

NOW,,, Take and salt and pepper the top lightly of the browns and scrape the sites inward some with a stainless steel spatula, and carefully unstick the bottom where the browns slide around some. and

Take a small or medium side plate, put it upside down over the browns. Holding the plate with one hand and the pan with the other, then flip upside down. Put pan back on the stove and slide browns off of the plate back into pan and brown the other side on a little higher heat and cook another 10 minutes.

Yes the cooking temperature is low for most people, but the potatoes will brown up and the slower cooking at a lower heat makes much more flavor.


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  1. Hash brown potatoes...thanks for the detailed post...I never could cook potatoes right so just bought then in the frozen I know how to do them. Thank you.

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      Hi there

      I won't be doing this method very often because it's Very important that you get the potatoes dry after you boil the shreds, and that's rather difficult. With this method, I'll even put them in the oven for a while to make sure it's dry first. If you don't get the potatoes dry, then they will stick real bad in the pan.

      So I'll probably stick with boiling pealed potatoes until they are almost done, then shred them like most everyone else does. Of course, make sure you season the pan very well before you put the shreds in there. What I do is take some veggie oil, take a spatula and smear it around, put the pan on medium high heat for a while, then let it cool down. Wipe most of the oil out with a paper towel. Heat the pan up again and smear some butter on, then add the shreds on medium low heat. (inbetween low and medium). Put large glass casserole cover over the browns for 15 minutes or when the bottom of the shreds get a brown crust, flip over and cook the other side uncovered. Thanks for reading my post, and let me know how it comes out, what ever method you use.


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        Thanks for the update on the potatoes, I think I will try the last version you just mentioned. Will try them tomorrow morning....potato & egg taco with some hot sauce & maybe a couple of slices of bacon. Oh heck, I am hungary NOW!