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Aug 20, 2011 06:52 AM

Brand Steakhouse at the Monte Carlo- Anybody know about it?

Anybody know about the quality of food at this new Light Group steakhouse? Heard their Mac N Cheese is to die for

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  1. Did not have the mac and cheese but it was very ordinary for steak. Many other place are much better. I did not like the casino view either.

    1. Very average steakhouse. Used to be Blackstone's which was much better.

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        I've been to Brand a few years ago. While it was good, it was not one of my best Vegas Steakhouse experiences. Maybe it was the ambience/view on the casino floor, not too sure. I really enjoyed the King Crab Scampi though.

      2. Very much of a hotel restaurant. It's fun for drinks but the casino view and smoke are off putting. You can do much better for the price elsewhere.

        1. we ate their late night on time during our trip last year and it was great. it is right off the casino but we could care less about the view. we didn't notice the smell of smoke coming in from the casino either. is it better than say CUT or some place like that, no, but if you are staying at Monte Carlo or next door it is a great option