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Aug 20, 2011 01:38 AM

Recommendations for Leeds

I've read several threads with suggestions for Leeds (including Anthony's and Red Chilli) and so would like a few other ideas on where my wife and I should eat.

We will be in Leeds for just one night, staying near the rail station - so are looking for somewhere within walking distance.

Would like to narrow down a restaurant from a couple of options:

1. A moderate/upscale curryhouse (not a hole in the wall joint)

2. A romantic restaurant (any cuisine accepted)

Price isnt a constraint.


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  1. The moderate to upscale South Asian would have to be Akbars or Mumtaz. You will have a thoroughly enjoyable meal at either. Mumtaz is essentially Kashmiri (and a recent expansion from their Bradford flagship restaurant), whilst Akbars more Punjabi (again, Bradford based, now with a handful of other places in the north).

    As you note, Anthony's is generally regarded as the city's "best" but I havtn eaten there and can't comment. I will, however, throw in the Fourth Floor at Harvey Nicholls which, assuming it is anything like the quality of the Manchester one, would do very nicely for a "special" meal. Dunno whether the room or style would be "romantic" - based on Manchester, certainly not cosy and intimate, but the Harvey Nicks is in an older building than the Manc one so may be different.

    I'm afraid my direct experience of Leeds places is confined to more casual restaurants near the university where I did some research a couple of years back. Around there would toss in the Olive Tree (very good Cypriot), Salvo's (good pizza) and Bryan's (sit down chippy) - all a bit further out in Headingley.

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      Agree entirely with Harters regarding Indian restaurants. For your other meal the following might be worth a shout:

      Kendells Bistro - French, very well thought of. Romantic depending on your interpretation, 10-15 mins walk away.

      Anthony's Piazza - part of the Anthony's group. Cheaper, simpler food than the main Anthony's (salads, pasta, steaks etc), but can be very good. The room is the star of the show, because it's within the beautiful domed corn exchange, definitely romantic. 5 mins walk.

      Create - - just opened, menu reads well. Run by a social enterprise, headed up by chef formerly at 4th floor Harvey Nicks. I haven't been yet, but certainly looks interesting. ...edit: just seen a photo of the room and I don't think it will fit the romantic tag. 5 mins walk.

      1. re: Harters

        +1 on the Indians. Closest to you is the Akbars on Greek Street

        I have eaten at Anthony's and it was fine, but it pales in comparison to similar priced restaurants in other large cities. So it's posh night out if you're in Leeds but it doesn't benchmark too well. Piazza is better value and a great location, but I'm not sure if I'd describe it as romantic.

        I noticed a couple of weeks ago when I was there that there is a new James Martin restaurant at the Casino. No idea of its quality.

        1. re: mr_gimlet

          Restaurant in out of town casino......Celeb chef - name above door and not behind stove.... wasnt even in the kitchen on day 2 of opening.......... I doubt I'll be schlepping down the M62 to try this one, Mr G.

          Or even schlepping into Manc to try his next venture when it opens. Apparently he thinks Manc a good place for him because his sister "lives near Bolton".

          1. re: mr_gimlet

            Thank you for the ideas. Here is where we went:

            1. Lunch at Anthony's Piazza in the Corn Exchange. We arrived in Leeds on the train, checked in at Mint Hotel (fantastic place, by the way) and went to this place. It was pretty empty (not surprising for a Monday at 2pm) but we enjoyed it nonetheless.

            My wife had the smoked salmon salad (with a generous helping of salmon) and I had a delicious blue cheese salad with large hunks of cheese). With a couple of glasses of wine thrown in, we had a delightful meal for around 20 pounds. Service was excellent as well.

            2. Afternoon drinks at Carpe Diem (old hangout when I was a student here) and Mr Foley's, a real ale pub on The Headrow, before returning to the hotel.

            3. Dinner at Akbars on Greek Street. Absolutely wonderful Indian food - my wife had a moderately spiced Chicken Balti (to which she added some yoghurt) and I had a fiery, red Chicken Vindaloo, which was just perfect - hot but with a delicious flavor. We also had the family naan which was table-sized! Again, service was excellent and the food very reasonably priced.

            Overall - great recommendations.

        2. Hi, not sure if you have been yet but Jamie's Italian is very good and as stated below so is Kendall's Bistro.