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Aug 19, 2011 09:30 PM

ID this food truck?

Today I was in central square over by mary chung and a food truck passed by, coming from the kendall direction. It said "FALAFEL" (or maybe "COUSCOUS", but I think the former) and also something along the lines of "NOW SERVING CHINESE FOOD" and the truck had a lot of chinese characters on it. Except for the lettering and a menu which was too far away to read (but looked "chinese food" w/ the few words I could see) it was just plain white.

It's been some time since I've been over by the MIT trucks but I don't think this is one of those. Anyone know what this truck is? Is it any good?

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    1. re: mvi

      It's definitely not them. I used to hit that truck up frequently back when I worked in Longwood, I'd know it if I saw it :)

      1. re: jgg13

        Then I have no clue! Sorry. I'm always around that area. Maybe I'll see this phantom some day.

        1. re: mvi

          No need to be sorry :) It could be the harvard based one if it looks a lot different than the longwood one, but it was headed towards harvard so I figured it was probably based in the kendall area.

          I just came across this thread referencing a chinese food truck in that general area:

          I'm wondering if this is it.

          1. re: jgg13

            You know, I did see a very busy looking Chinese food truck the other day over near Area Four that might be this phantom one you describe. I was busy and running late so did not take it all in, but this rings a bell now. It was on Main Street about four blocks from the Kendall/MIT stop. I'll be sure to check it out more closely for you next time, but someone else will undoubtedly chime in.

            Area Four
            500 Technology Square, Cambridge, MA 02139

            1. re: mvi

              That's got to be the one mentioned in that thread. I just started working over that way today (main reason I was interested in a potential kendall area food truck), I'll wander over there soon.

              1. re: jgg13

                The detective work continues. Hope you have good results. Let us know.

                1. re: mvi

                  I believe this truck is usually parked (at least has been for the past several months) in front of 77 Mass Ave at MIT. It's half felafel (I think the same fellow who ran the Couscous Kitchen truck that was there for years). The other half is Chinese, I believe the same people as Savory Food truck at Longwood (one of the photos on that website features the guy who dishes up the food).

                  I was super thrilled to try it out because the clientele was largely Chinese (even ordering in Chinese) but after 3 or 4 visits I concluded it wasn't anything special. Maybe I didn't order the right things. I welcome any recommendations.

                  And this truck isn't to be confused with the Chinese truck down by Area Four, which is decent but not exceptional (though haven't been there in probably a year).

                  1. re: poundcake

                    I believe we have a winner. Your reaction tot hat truck was pretty spot on w/ my experience of the longwood one - I shared an office with 5 chinese guys and they *all* went to that truck. I liked the food well enough, but it wasn't anything super special.

                    That was also my take on teh Area Four-ish one (which is what I was talking about later in the thread). I suspect it's also related to the Savory Food somehow, it had the same cooked cabbage/broccoli side in there and some other similarities. Then again, maybe it's just imitation :)

                    1. re: poundcake

                      I think describing the truck that's in Tech Sq as decent is being generous. I used to work there before moving down to the mall, and hit the truck 2x to make sure I I didn't just get an off-day experience. Even ordered in Chinese to make sure I knew what I was getting, and the food was not good both times. While it's not as inedible as the worst I've tried from Gooseberry's/Momogoose, I would rate the food below what you can get all the mall food court Sarku and other chicken teriyaki places.

                      300 Mishawum Rd Ste 17, Woburn, MA 01801

                    2. re: mvi

                      The one at tech square isn't the one I was talking about (which sounds much more like the one poundcake describes!). Outside of having some interesting sounding things on the menu (which I now forget, just that they were beyond the usual general gau type stuff) it seemed like typical chinese truck fare. I had the chicken referenced in the post I linked earlier which was fine - I'd get it again but I'm not going to be running back there tomorrow (to many other things to check out!) :)