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Aug 19, 2011 08:48 PM

Good coffee shop-meeting place - central SF?

Need good spot for 6-8 ppl for business-like meeting weekday 11:00am. Located for easy approach for incoming from GG and Bay Bridge w/easy parking? Thanks!

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  1. Easy approach for incoming from GG and Bay Bridge with easy parking? Sounds like the Holy Grail Cafe.

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        So sorry! "Holy Grail Cafe" was a joke--something you wont really find, like the holy grail of the last supper. I can't think of anything in SF that fits the description.

    1. Blue bottle on mint is close toa garage on mission with relatively easy access to the bay bridge. If its too crowded there, check out epicenter on harrison.

      1. Arlequin Cafe. Especially if the weather is nice and you can sit in the outdoor garden. Counter service only, but they have food in addition to coffee and also beer/wine.

        There are parking garages nearby. It's pretty much central between both bridges.

        You might need to drag a few tables together on the patio to accommodate the group.

        1. How's the parking around Town's End -- Embarc/Brannan?

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            There is a fair amount of metered parking and also garages/lots in that area (don't know how filled they are at a that time … check the baseball schedule as well).

          2. One of the most central places in SF is Japantown Center, close enough to Fell/Laguna exit and not far from the GG Bridge, Park Presidio Dr. There's plenty of parking but it's paid in the garage.

            The area outside of Murata's Cafe Hana has open first-come-first-serve seating and plenty of large tables and usually isn't crowded during the weekday. I use to meet a client from Marin there with me coming from the East Bay.

            Murata's Cafe Hana
            1737 Post St Ste 368, San Francisco, CA 94115

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              Another cafe in the same area is YakiniQ. Might be a preferable ambiance. And, there is also Viz cafe, but that probably won't be comfortable for the group meeting.