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Aug 19, 2011 05:01 PM

Barcelona: 1 must have dinner, some mid-range options and tapas

I will be in Barcelona for 3 nights in September. There is so much information on this board that it makes it difficult to sort through. We are staying in the Gothic Quarter and will rely on walking, public transport or taxi to get around.

I was thinking of planning one dinner at a must-visit restaurant, a lunch and a dinner at solid, mid-range good quality places (but preferably not too touristy) and a night of tapas.

I am looking for recommendations for:

(1) The must-visit restaurant. Based on my searches, I have Cinc Sentits, Alkima, Hisop and Gaig on my list.

(2) The mid-range places. For these, I was thinking at least one lunch in Barceloneta on a Sunday but need advice as to which places are good.

(3) Tapas crawl. Any suggestions?

Thanks for any advice you can give.

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  1. All of those topics have been covered ad infinitum on this board. You might do a search and return with more specific questions. That way, you are not asking people here to re-type answers to the same questions again and again. Try a search for "barcelona tapas," for example. Note that the city is not a tapas mecca on the level of some cities in the Basque areas. Some of the more renowned tapas places in Barcelona are actually Basque.

    Also, please state a price range. The mid-range to me might not be the mid-range for you. An example: We paid 101 euro for two at Hisop a few months ago for two tasting menus--one a 3-course and one a longer series of dishes. That might qualify as moderate for some people, but not for others. I gave the details, and prices, for that and for other restaurants, in my trip report which is one of many on eating in Barcelona.

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      Thanks Erica and PBSF. All of your reviews on this board are great. I would like to try Hisop for dinner - it will be on a Saturday night in mid-September. I tried reserving through the restaurant's website and I am not sure it worked - I got a strange automated message when I went to enter the reservation, saying something about "2 days." It's unclear to me what it means. I have been searching all over the internet for their reservation policy but cannot find anything. Any information you have on whether there is a particular reservation policy for Hisop (like Cinq Sentitis - it is clear with them that reservations open up 2 weeks in advance) I'd be most grateful.

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        My advice is to phone them. Best is around 8:00 pm Barcelona time on days that they are open. Someone in Hisop speaks English if language is an issue.

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          I am almost certain you can book there more than 2 weeks out. Do call them, or ask your hotel to do so. It is well worth the slight annoyance, even if you have to phone them.

    2. And there is no single "must" restaurant in Barcelona, There are at least a dozen; what qualifies as a 'must' to you?

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        Thanks so much PBSF and Erica - we're now reserved at Hisop. I'm very excited. I'm going to do some additional research on other meals and will probably hit you both up for thoughts once I've narrowed things down more. I realize my initial post was a bit unfocused.