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Aug 19, 2011 04:43 PM

What looks good at Saturday's SF Streetfood Festival?

I assume it's going to be insanely crowded. What would you suggest if you could pick three?

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  1. personally i would be looking at the trucks coming in from out of town
    -the peached tortilla (austin)
    -aprepa lady (n.y?)
    -big assed sandwiches
    -skillet street food (seatte)
    -global soul (la?)
    -ingrid's lunch box
    -nombe : takoyaki
    -azakubas malayasian
    -would probably skip any that appears of off the gird , can get to them anytim.
    -some latin food...

    1. I'd try for the $8 flour and water PORCHETTA SANDO.

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      1. re: psb

        Expect long lines for these indulgences.

        1. re: Richmond_Foodie

          after twelve, the lines got long. the porchetta sando looked awesome and appealing.

          the out of town trucks were a (major) disappointment

          long times for flour & water, commonwealth, nombe, aprepa lady, nom nom, el tonayense, nettles, il cane russo. zella's soulful

          semilong for haparamen, azalina, namu,
          ler rors had a line but it moved fast as did A16

          fave: close draw between ler ros and the peached tortilla (banh mi taco)

          2355 Chestnut St., San Francisco, CA 94123

          1. re: shanghaikid

            We were very impressed with the two items at Austin's The Peached Tortilla (Banh Mi Tacos and Pad Thai Tacos -best), which had short lines. [That is an out of town place, shanghaikid.]

            The Sainted Arepa Lady was also excellent. She did batches of queso and Chocolo (Columbian for elote/corn) separately. So if you ordered both, there was a long wait.

            Also tried Wise Sons pastrami since we have never gotten to their Saturday pop up. Cetainly NYC class and the best I have seen in SF area. (A bit more conventional than the very smoky version, which is good, at Mempis Minnie's one day a week.) My gold standard is Carnegie Delicatessen which kept me alive at 3 AM many nights, long ago, when I was a grad student and joined the Broadway musicians after their gigs. I preferred pastrami on a soft roll at the Carnegie. Wise does it the more standard way on rye, which biased me slightly against it. Guilden's mustard was present, of course.

            The hugest line was for Nom Nom, whose banh mi looks like its worth trying. Saw them on Hayes St the other evening.

            1. re: Thomas Nash

              TN, just a little nitpick: throughout South America, "choclo" usually refers to that Andean large kerneled corn, but it's used colloquially for regular corn too. Everyone seems to like The Peached Tortilla truck. sorry i had to miss the whole event. And i too have been wanting to try Wise Sons.

              1. re: Thomas Nash

                thomas nash:
                i know peached tortilla is from out of town, i mentioned it in an earlier post
                btw, mariacarmen, wise son deli has a regular popup every saturday at 1001 guerrero @22nd ave (beast and the hare).

                refer to earlier post for highlights. following are the details
                Out of town vendors:
                -peached tortilla: bahn mi tacos(3)
                chicken with veggies, secret sauce, pretty tasty 4 stars
                *pad thai taco (3)
                thought it was noodles, passed, was told it has tofu, chicken, peanut sauce

                -big ass sandwich (1/2=4)
                bread was big assed, bread slightly sour, semi sweet
                contained dry roast beef, french fries, toasted onions , homemade bechamal cheese
                disappointing 2.5 stars

                -the arepa lady: went with the queso (cheese version)
                large thick patty, consistency of glutinuous mochi, topped with shaved cheese
                interesting, not novel since i'm used to mochi 3.5 star
                note: saw salvodorean hole in wall on mission selling cheese arepa @2.75

                skillet street food: chocolate pie in a bowl (3)
                -look like chocolate pudding, a big , nothing interesting 2.5 stars

                ingrid's lunchbox :apple crisp crepe(6)
                -looked no bigger than a taco, no one in line, seem pricey, didn't buy

                Local vendors:
                a16: cannolis with pistacio and hazelnut (3)
                -crust hard and crunchy, unlike the san mateo place, filling just average 3 stars

                azalina's malaysian : peanut taco (3)
                interesting mix of veggies, sauce & peanuts 3.75 stars

                USPW: dispensing free pure water on 24th st & in front of la cocina
                tasted ok, free water 5 stars

                Chaac Mool; taco is awesome. had it before. watermelon/lime fresca(2)
                -not totally intriguing but was $1 cheaper than the others.

                Onigilly : onigiri of sorts, geisha box (8) 3 onigiri and edaname beans
                -edaname most flavorful ever tasted
                -onigiri rice kind of bland, fillings of ume, shrimp and eggplant kind of meager
                -onigiri in san jose bakery had more flavor and filllings...
                3.5 stars

                lines got long at the popular vendors before 1 so i left.

                Chaac Mool
                Fort Mason Center, San Francisco, CA 94123

                San Francisco, San Francisco, CA

                1. re: shanghaikid

                  We went and tried a few things, but the lines were really long and really slow and it wasn't worth it in the end. We left and hit Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous instead. Very tastey white sesame and salted mango. Wasn't a fan of the spiced custard we tried, underspiced, but that is a different thread.

                  At the festival we had a good chicken larb from Lers Ros - nice to see them there. Mild on the spice, but that worked well for the small kids in tow.

                  We tried the Arepa Lady to find that they add flour - my son and I have Celiac so we skipped it.

                  Husband had a masala burrito from curry up now because he loves them.

                  We had brazilian cheese bread from Kika's for my celiac son. Tasted good, but a bit greasy. Not terribly exciting.

                  CEviche at LeMar. Good quality fish, tastey, but very very small for $8. Only 3 pieces of fish and I could't find any sweet potato. A lot of onions.

                  We wanted to try Azalinas but the lines were to daunting that we decided to seek out more when we didn't have to wait and the prices tended to be less.

                  Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous
                  699 22nd St, San Francisco, CA 94107