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Aug 19, 2011 02:40 PM

Glace open in Leawood!

Read in the Pitch today that Christopher Elbow opened a second Glace location in Leawood - it is in the plaza on 119th and Roe. Cannot wait to go!

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  1. I wish their site would show flavors for both locations. Don't know if it's an oversight, or if both locations offer the same lineup daily.

    1. That was a good article for Christopher Elbow and his amazing ice cream at Glace! Glad the Leawood people can enjoy it conveniently.
      Because I cannot stand lines, we've been buying it at Cosentino's instead of going into the shops. Plus, those square tubs are so cute. Venezuelan Chocolate, PB&J, Mint, and Blueberry are our favorites!

      1. As a follow up, I was at the Main St. location this weekend, and asked about the Leawood store. Apparently, the south store isn't making it's own product on site, so the flavor mix is going to be pretty similar between the two stores. Of course, one location may sell out and rotate in another flavor more quickly or more slowly, so the mix will vary a bit. But, in general, they said most flavors will be the same for both stores.