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Aug 19, 2011 01:19 PM

What's the best way to transport scone dough?

We're spending the weekend with friends who love my scones. I'd like to make some for Sunday breakfast, but not sure if they have a food processor. (Essential, to me, for cutting in butter.)

Could I cut the butter into the dry ingredients tonight, and transport that (in a cooler) for the 4-hour drive tomorrow? Then I could refrigerate, add the wet ingredients Sunday morning and bake them up fresh, but worried the moisture in the butter might react with the baking powder.

Wondering if this would be better than trying to transport the frozen wedges. Suggestions, please?

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  1. I think you got it in one -- transport the dry and wet separately, then combine on Sunday. (that's basically what Bisquick is, although I'm certain not as tasty as your homemade).

    1. I agree that I would worry about the butter reacting with the butter moisture as well.
      Two solutions, Ask friends if they have FP, since it is only a weekend if they don't, instead of a cooler use the space and bring your FP. (bet it gets other uses while visiting).

      1. I'd combine the fat with the dry ingredients and freeze it. I'd take the liquid separately and combine them at baking time. Should work like a charm even if you have to use an insulated bag for the transport.

        I don't use a food processor for my scones. I shave off pieces from a frozen stick of butter and just stir to coat the shards then combine with the liquid and knead it together. Some folks grate frozen butter into the dry ingredients.