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Aug 19, 2011 12:50 PM

Best sushi within 20 minutes of Princeton NJ?

What's the best sushi place within 20 minutes drive of Princeton NJ? Price/decor no object, I just want the best quality sushi.

Yes, I did do a board search, but I'm not from NJ and it is very tedious to figure out where all the restaurants are actually located (NJ is a big place!). Some help would greatly appreciated...

Anything better than Ajihei in Princeton?


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  1. Best is a relative term, so I can say that the best sushi in the Princeton area is Ajihei. However, I would not call this particularly good sushi or a particularly good sushi restaurant. The service is painfully slow, which is rationalized by a righteous argument that "excellence takes time." I don't think the extra time brought excellence to my table, that's for sure. It's OK sushi, but it's nothing great.

    You'd be better served pursuing other cuisines, if that's an option. Eno Terra has good seasonal, contemporary food in a nice setting, for example.

    11 Chambers St, Princeton, NJ 08542

    Eno Terra
    4484 Route 27, Kingston, NJ 08528

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      Agree with glutton. The sushi in the Princeton area is very pedestrian, yet all places have their share of fans.

      Ajihei is OK if you like eating in a small basement, don't arrive with more than 3 others as they will not seat a table for more than 4 (read sign on their door) and don't expect anyone working there to be happy to see you, even if you're a local and have been there more than once.

      Mo C Mo C is good to very good. We were big fans when they opened but recent trips have been just OK. Their cucumber wrapped Naruto roll (without rice) is my current fav and their decor is more inviting than Ajihei.

      Further north on Route 27 you have all you can eat places, but we've never been as we prefer quality to quantity.

      Princeton's best right now are the Peacock Inn and elements. You can get much better raw, seared or cooked fish at both. We really enjoyed the Kindai tuna at elements when they had it.

      1. re: Foody4life

        We ate at MoCMoC last night. It was ok. The fish was average. The rolls were better than the sushi, probably because the add-ins masquerade the average fish. The interior and service is way, way nicer than any other place, though. FYI, it's byob.

    2. We like Masa 8 in lawrenceville

      1. Please, do yourself a great favor and drive 30 minutes north on Route 206 to Somerville where you can have some of the best sushi in NJ at Shumi. There are numerous discussions on this board about Shumi which you can find by searching. Also, check out other reviews here:

        And yes, it is better than Ajihei.

        Shumi Restaurant
        30 S. Doughty Ave., Somerville, NJ 08876

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        1. re: ambrose

          Ajehei's decor isn't the best and the waitstaff may not be that great, but the sushi is only good. Did not like Shumi but did not sit at the sushi bar. I actually do not mind Pure, as they have these happy hour and lunch specials. Obviously, if you want the best sushi, you go into nyc. My faves in NYC are yasuda, sushi seki and i actually went to masa once.