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Aug 19, 2011 12:46 PM

Why did this happen to my hand? Slicing cucumbers

I used a mandoline to slice the cucumbers for pickles, probably nearly an entire 1/2 bushel, and noticed something I never noticed before. A short time later, my skin had a sort of bizarre reaction I can only describe as similar to spreading Elmer's glue on your hand (like when you were a kid!) and allowing the glue to dry, then peeling it off. Only this wasn't glue--it seemed to be from the cucumbers! Where my skin was in the most contact with the cucumbers it sort of exfoliated! I did wash them well before, during and after the slicing, and I almost had to scrub violently to get the "skin" off afterwards. Anybody else ever have this experience? I have been making pickles for years and never noticed this! They were home grown Kirby cucumbers, I grew them myself, and I know they had no pesticides.

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  1. This has happened with me with most types of squash...

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      Yep, I've experienced it too, mostly with marrows (zucchini to most of you).

    2. cucumbers are well known for the medicinal properties, especially affecting the skin. Now that youo have given your hands a beauty mask try it on your face as well!

      Some info: