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Aug 19, 2011 12:27 PM

Woburn takeout/delivery pizza?

I'm helping a friend move today. Any suggestions for pizza delivery or takeout in Woburn?

(I've read good things about Louie's in a CH search, but dunno about takeout options.)

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  1. Louie's does take-out, no delivery, but tends to run out. If you strike out with them its not much further to Winchester Center and Lucia has a pizza place which is pretty decent. Or call before going out. Brother's is acceptable greek pizza and I had decent luck with Bishops for Brazilian pizza with a greek crust, but that was several years ago (and even then I had one bad experience out of four) so I'd be worried if its still edible. Both of those deliver. That is the extent of my Woburn knowlege, but you could also search for MCSlimJB's lunch summary from a few years back which might have another suggestion. Was thinking mostly around the center/Main St., but not a big fan of Polcari's on Montvale. Papa Razzi is another option if you are out near 128, unless you have an hankering for Uno's.

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      Thanks as always, itaunas. As it went down, someone got extra hungry so we went to Ixtapa instead. Which was pleasantly salty, and better than Border Café, and not very healthy.

      349 Main St, Woburn, MA 01801

    2. My delivery choice is Deli Works in Stoneham (on Montavale Ave. near Woburn line) and you can order online!