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Aug 19, 2011 12:26 PM

Bizzarro Italian Cafe

Having recently heard of this restaurant and although we live in Mexico we will be in Seattle this coming week for several days. Is Bizzarro worth and evening. If so please tell us why. Thanks

Bizzarro Italian Cafe
1307 N 46th St, Seattle, WA 98103

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  1. It was a fun place with good food. It has been some time since I have been there, but it was very popular.

    1. I haven't been recently, so maybe someone else will chime in....but I love the place! It is really funky and fun. It can get really busy on a Saturday night and I have had to wait quite a while.

      Great food, nice wine list with a good little assortment of Italian reds, local or regional meats and cheeses. The draw is both the food and the atmosphere. The food is nothing "unusual" but the ingredients are fresh and mostly local and very, very well put together. I have not had a bad dish there and be prepared to ask for a doggy bag as the portions are huge and most are very rich. I tend to go for the handmade pasta.

      The atmosphere is, well.....bizzarro :)

      1. Enjoy your trip to Seattle. I second the other posters here. The place is funky and fun. I'm a carnivore, but I love the Forest Floor Frenzy. It is crazy good!

        This resto tries to secure most of its products locally from within Washington and the PNW. Summer is the ideal time to be here for the locally grown produce. Salads are very fresh - and so is the service. Fun. Fun. Fun

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          Does anybody know what happened to chef Linda Gaszyk after she lefty Bizzarro?
          I accidentally stumbled upon her after her departure, when I went to (now also departed) Western Vine, where just two bites of this eggplant pasta dish brought me to ask the server: does Linda Grasyk work here? "Yes, she's in the kitchen" was the answer. I became a regular, though perhaps not regular enough to save the place, and miss her cooking. I'd fly a thousand miles to taste this again. Anybody know anything?

          1. re: mrnelso

            Linda Graczyk - but no. There is someone who works at UWMC (nursing, I think) with the same name - but for 5 years already. Enough time for a career change?

            1. re: tsquare

              A wild idea. Thank you.She might just be one of those with many callings...

        2. I love love love their duck ravioli. Seconding the mention of their great wine list... I've never been disappointed! We go regularly and take friends there for birthdays. The lasagna is also phenomenal.