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Aug 19, 2011 12:00 PM

Seeking recipe for tang zhong (chinese hot dog rolls) (or cookbook containing it)

I'm looking for a recipe for tang zhong --a/k/a chinese hot dog rolls (dough)--that uses volume measurements, rather than weight. I did some searching and all the recipes I found, used weight measurements.

Even better would be a cookbook containing this and related recipes....

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    1. "The" book on Chinese breads and flour-based foodstuffs is "Florence Lin's Complete Book of Chinese Noodles, Dumplings and Breads". It's out of print but should be available from good libraries (copies are expensive on used book sites).

      1. For anyone interested, here are more "tang zhong" (water roux) method type bread recipes that use volume (cups, tbsp, tsp) measurements:

        Bread!!........ Tangzhong Method.....step-by-step.

        Japanese Style Bacon and Cheese Bread (Tangzhong Method).

        Tangzhong Style Honey Wheat Bread

        Mr. Sparkle's Super Awesome Tangzhong Bread DOH!

        Pandan Bread (Tangzhong Method).

        Hokkaido Milk Bread – Soft milk toast with a secret ingredient

        Bread 101: Brioche (Tang Zhong Method).

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          THANK YOU!!! Exciting. I've heard that bead made with water roux keeps very well.

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            Tang Zhong in a microwave. Here's a detailed account how I created water roux. The goal is to create a water roux by heating water and flour mixture to 65C / 150F. This is usually done in a saucepan.

            (Made my first loaf a day ago, bread light, tender, moist. Seems the same on 2nd day.)

            This is enough water roux for a 1 lb loaf.

            Add 1/3 cup plus 1 tablespoon 70 F water to 1-cup pyrex measuring cup.

            Add 2 Tablespoons of flour.

            Whisk well with 1 1/2-inch wide wire balloon whisk until all of flour is blended into the water.

            Microwave 20 seconds in an 1150 watt microwave at 100% power (placed on microwave turntable, halfway between center and edge). Whisk well and take temp with Thermapen. Temp 120 F.

            Microwave 10 seconds at 100% power, whisk well and take temp. 143 F.

            Microwave 6 seconds at 100% power, whisk well and take temp. 152 F.

            No lumps seen, no frothing seen. Nice and thick. Took less than 45 seconds.

            Scrape with rubber spatula into bread machine.

        2. Hong Kong Bakery-Style Sausage Bun Using Tang Zhong Method (with Volume Measurements)