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Aug 19, 2011 11:17 AM

Where to buy green papaya In San Francisco??

Hello - I've been wanting to make Som Tum, but I can't find any markets (Asian or otherwise) that have green papayas... The only one that even had papayas (thought the orange ones) was Nijiya Market in Japantown. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I'm at Hyde and O'Farrell, so I'd prefer staying around the area, but I'm willing to travel a bit if need be. Thanks!

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  1. Sunset Super (way out on Vicente and 40th Av), has had bags of ready to go shredded green papaya. I got some there a few months ago. I was there the other day and it didn't catch my eye as I was not thinking about it. When I got home I wished I had looked harder for it as we cooked some green curry large prawns (a very good buy from Sunset).

    Maybe this is not season?

    Post if you find it there.

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    1. re: Thomas Nash

      +1 on Sunset Super. The one on Irving is slightly closer and also carries it pre-shredded (though I'm not sure I've seen it packaged in bags there - you take your own from a bulk container).

      Not sure New May Wah carries the pre-shredded. You can get whole green papayas at most larger Chinese or Southeast Asian markets, but I find that the pre-shredded is a fine substitute and much, much easier to work with, especially if you don't need a huge amount. You might try to see if the Vietnamese or Thai markets in the Tenderloin have it before trekking out to the Sunset.

      New May Wah
      719 Clement St, San Francisco, CA

    2. have seen this at new may wah on clement.

      1. Nice - thanks for all the help! I've looked around the Asian markets here in the Tenderloin, and couldn't find anything...I'm anxious to take a look at Sunset Super. Will report back as soon as I get over there.

        1. at manila market at mission and 280 they have bags of fresh papaya already shredded. its against the back wall in the cold section.

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          1. re: mikeylikesit

            Thanks for the recommendation, but the only Manila Market I could find through Google is at 950 King Plz #112, Daly City, CA. Is this the same one you're talking about?

            1. re: lhollers

              i might have the name messed up but its right on the corner of mission and trumbull, it used to be a cala or bell food.

              1. re: mikeylikesit

                Manila Oriental Market
                4175 Mission St
                (between Ney St & Trumbull St)
                San Francisco, CA 94112

                Manila Oriental Market
                4175 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94112

                1. re: bigwheel042

                  They were out of green papaya at around noon today -- there was a sign over an empty bin.

                  1. re: Thomas Nash

                    Still out today...guys didn't know when the next shipment or whatever was coming in. Sidenote, holy smokes, what an awesome market! That seafood section is ridiculously expansive... En route to Sunset Super.

            1. re: vulber

              Was in here today and did not see any green papaya. In fact, I don't know if I saw any papaya at all. If it's here, it's either not in the main produce section, or they were temporarily out of the pre-cut. I did see large green *mangoes* advertised as being recommended for salad, though.

              1. re: bigwheel042

                did you ask them? as much as i love that place, it's ridiculously disorganized and illogically arranged.

                1. re: vulber

                  just saw cut green papaya at duc loi 2 days ago. in the produce section. top shelf, near the front.