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Aug 19, 2011 11:14 AM

Lobster and Corn

Anyone have any great recipes for a corn sauce to accompany lobster. I'm thinking of poaching the lobster and then serving over a puffed pastry. Not concerned about dietary or calorie restrictions...for this meal,, would love any ideas!

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  1. Make a Truffled Corn Coulis:

    Cut kernels from 6 ears of corn and put in blender. (Make sure you scrape the cobs over the blender with the back of a knife to extract the corn "milk.") Drizzle in some truffle oil and salt. Puree until smooth. If it's too thick add a bit of cream. Force through a fine sieve if you want a more refined sauce. Warm gently in a sauce pan, if desired (but you don't really need to).

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    1. re: pikawicca

      This is a great idea. Another thought would be to cut your kernels, then cook some butter until it turns into a brown butter. Add the corn for just a minute or so and that would be awesome with your lobster.

      1. re: katecm

        and if you butter poached the lobster you could use that butter to make the brown butter above!

      2. re: pikawicca

        I do something very similar but do it a little differently . . . .

        finely chopped shallot and garlic softened in some olive oil in a skillet
        add corn kernels and corn "milk" like above and cook until corn just starts to brown on edges
        add basil, salt, pepper, and a little 1% milk
        scape up any brown bits from bottom of skillet
        cool slightly
        blend in blender

        I have used it for all kinds of meat and with good fresh corn is so good!

      3. I recently grilled the corn, cut it off the cob, then added the whole kernels to a thick b├ęchamel and served it as a base for seared scallops. It was to die for. You could try converting this to a sauce by blending the corn before adding the the b├ęchamel or by blending the whole thing after.