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Double R Bar Burger

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I was in Frederick yesterday and saw a Roy Rogers. Thought Double R Bar Burger. We don't have Roy's around here anymore. It was fantastic, or maybe it was just memories of old that made it taste that way. Every Friday on my way up to Frostburg to visit my girlfriend (now wife) I would stop at Roy's and have a Double R Bar burger.....that was twenty plus years ago. For a fastfood burger, it's great. Or is it just the memories that make it taste good? Does anyone else miss this burger?

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  1. FYI, there are several Roy Rogers Restaurants in the Gaithersburg/Germantown area and the Double R also was my favorite though the RR fried chicken was a close 2d.

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      I know about the two in Frederick, and thanks for the heads up on those in Montgomery county. I am in Anne Arundel, and we don't have any. I just don't get out that way very much anymore. And you are right, their chicken was always great, although I am a huge fan of Royal Farm chicken, for fast food chicken.

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        If I'm not mistaken, their current "headquarters" are in Frederick. Thurmont has at least two, I think.

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          I'm in AA as well. I think there is one at BWI. I've considered it, but never quite been that desperate. I assume it's a food court variety establishment.

      2. when I make a burger at home, I always put ham on it I loved them so much!

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          I don't know why I've never done that Hon. Next time I make burgers I will, along with some gooey american cheese.... The comedian Jim Gaffigan does a bit about ham hamburgers....little does he know how good they are!

        2. Dunno how far you will go for Roy's famous Horsey Sauce, but if you go to royrogersrestaurants.com AND you figure out how to use the locator on that awful Flash site, you'll find a good number of them in Maryland and close-in Virginia.

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            They used to have one on the campus of UMCP and they have one in Solomons Island

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              I grew up in Gaithersburg and LOVE Roy Rogers....always the Bacon Cheeseburger with Horsey Sauce on the Burger and dipping the fries into....I don't live near one now :(

            2. If you ever find yourself travelling through Manassas, we have two Roys-one just opened a couple months ago.

              1. This is my favorite fast food item EVER! Can't get it drive thru because I have to dress it just right - horseradish sauce, BBQ sauce and extra pickles. I tease an old school friend who moved away each time I have one because he loves them too. My nephew swears their chicken is the best but I just can't go in and not do the Double R.

                1. I have two Roy Rogers near me in Alexandria (one just south of Old Town, another near Ft. Belvoir). They still have the fixins bar and you can still load your Double R burger the way you like. The fried chicken is WAY too salty for me, but some folks swear by the stuff. The real sleeper on the Roy Rogers menu is the roast beef. Real beef with real texture, not the processed lunchmeat you get at Arby's. Worth going out of your way for when you're looking for a real roast beef sandwich fix.


                  1. I agree that the roast beef is much better than average. I usually order the RB and a double R Bar, and take chicken to go whenever I'm in Frederick, or Westminster.

                    They also do good things at breakfast. Closer to diner fare than fast food.

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                      What's good for breakfast at Roy Rogers? I found the eggs inedible; they had the texture of weather stripping but without the flavor.

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                        Biscuits and gravy baby.

                        I'm sure the quality varys, but the last breakfast I had at one of the Frederick locations last summer was very good. Crispy bacon, eggs were fine, and the biscuits were very very good.

                        It's not home cooking, but much better than most fast food options.

                    2. I've been to one in Thurmont, one outside the city of his birth, Cincinnati (Ohio's last one), and one on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Thurmont was probably the best. The one on the turnpike, was, well, on the turnpike.

                      1. It's 90 miles and into another state to the nearest Roy Rogers. Luckilly I have to pass by twice a month and always stop. The Double R Bar Burger was the only fast food burger I would eat as a child and is still my favorite. A double R Bar with extra pickle, Roys sauce and a side of fried chicken wings and I'm very happy.

                        1. I am so glad to see I am not the only one who holds this burger in high regards. I posted this in the DC/Balto board but it got moved. I figured since it was kind of a local topic thats where it belonged, not in chains. There is a thread over there that is chain specific, wonder why it hasn't been moved....oh well, who am I to say.

                          1. Have you tried Roy's Gold Rush Chicken Sandwich? I agree with the review that it's probably the best chain chicken sandwich available. Even better than the lauded Chik-fil-A.


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                              My nephew scoffs when I say the Double R is the best -- The Gold Rush is his absolute favorite fast food, period. I don't get there often, so when I do, I can't break away from my Double R. Maybe I need to live a little....

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                                It's surprising that a fast food sandwich can have such a well rounded flavor. A real breast patty, fried crispy, with just a hint of saltiness and smoke from the bacon, balanced out with a mildly sweet BBQ sauce on a decent kaiser roll. The cheese adds a melty fondue cheesiness that brings everything together. I can't recommend this sandwich too highly.