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fall favorites

The days are getting shorter; nights are getting cooler - time to think about cooler weather cooking again, and I'm looking for new inspiration.
What's the dish you look forward to cooking when fall comes around each year?

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  1. Sweet potatoes, lentils, split peas soup, stews, baked ham, comfort foods that take the chill away.

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      agree Jen

      1. Fall harvest bread
      2. French onion soup with huge baguette slices and mounds of cheese
      3. Big pot of caramelized onions for use on hamburgers or mixing into braised Brussels with rendered crisped bacon
      4. My version of minestrone
      5. Split pea soup simmering away with a hock of ham
      6. Roasted whole chicken with hot steamy creamy cheesy potatoes and thick buttery chunks of fresh warm sourdough
      7. Italian gravy from the basics becoming better with each moment it remains on a gentle heat
      8. My favorite chili from my moms treasured 1841 cookbook that's all but thread-bare
      9. Name any stuffing with hearty gravy
      10. Our kids favorite meal 'period' Nanna's Thanksgiving

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        Thanksgiving is my favorite meal, minus the turkey. This year I am going to just make a turkey breast for those that want some. I am going to start a new tradition with a pork roast to go with all of the fixin's.

    2. Butternut squash soup
      Beef/tongue/tendon stew
      Crockpot braised hunks of meat

      1. venison,duck,goose and smoked duck
        all the traditional rib stickers -daubes,legumes,winter squash

        1. Pots of beans, gumbo, braised meats, cabbage or cabbage relatives braised with bacon. Bacon.

          1. Every recipe with the word pumpkin in the title!

            1. Cassoulet. Ducks in general but confit in particular. Pork belly. Lamb shanks. Mushrooms. Bagna cĂ uda. Something with salt cod. Poule au pot. Beef's always welcome too.

              1. Apple Pie
                Pumpkin Pie
                Anything with Pomegranates

                1. Read the 1st 5 letters of my Chowhound name. It is just for Superbowl fare anymore.

                  1. Well, here in central TX, the forecasted high is a record breaking 107 and it's already 82 outside (at 8am). Summer here never lets up until mid-to-late-October, even on a year with highs in the 90's. Still, I'm making braised short ribs, mashed potatoes and roasted summer squash for Sunday dinner (for 10) tomorrow night. Denial is the key ingredient for surviving this heat.

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                      Ha! It's nowhere near that hot here in northern CA, but last week I bought three packages of short ribs that were priced really well, thinking wistfully of cooler days ahead. No a/c here though, and I don't think my denial's strong enough for braising today...or properly appreciating that meaty goodness. You enjoy, though; that sounds lovely!

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                        The denial here wasn't strong enough either. I wound up doing pan-seared top sirloins with red wine/shallot sauce, the mashed potatoes, the roasted summer squash and added a salad of arugula and romaine dressed w/ a shallot vinaigrette. I was so hot and tired after cooking it all that I ate my mashed potatoes and not much else. This heat and drought is on the verge of making me bitter.