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chicken fried steak in san diego?

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Is there any good chicken fried steak in San Diego? If not, what is the best of what is here? Thanks!

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  1. Best of what's around for me is Harry's in LJ.

    1. My DH loves chicken fried steak and he likes Harry's Coffee Shop, Studio diner and the 19th hole at Balboa Golf course...the 19th hole has been one of my fave's for many years since they haven't changed a thing from breakfast/lunch or cheap pitchers of beer, this place rocks!
      Golf course is pretty challenging on the back nine too and this is SD secret gem!

      1. Not a fan of that dish, but Cowboy Star has had it from time to time as the Sunday Supper special. Buttermilk fried chicken is another and I've got to try that! They usually post the special on Twitter or Facebook a day or 2 before.

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          Haven't tried steak at Cowboy Star yet, but the Fried Chicken is legit!

        2. Great. All I need. Chicken fried steak = heroin.

          1. Linkery has chicken fried veal cutlets which are very good

            1. I like Harry's a lot, Antique Row Cafe on Adams Ave has a good one too.

              Antique Row Cafe
              3002 Adams Ave, San Diego, CA 92116

              1. I'm no expert, but there is a pretty good one at Luc's in Poway. Enjoyed it on Wednesday. Comes with bleu cheese mashed taters.

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                  I really like a nice CFS and was surprised when I found it on the menu, as I go there about once a month. Hands down the BEST CFS I have EVER had. Had to know the secret, and they said it was made with ribeye and not some pounded round.. I really like all their comfort food menu, but now all I;m ordering is CFS

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                    Just clarifying, ChrisG. You are talking about Luc's? Before I drive all the way up there?? :)

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                      UHOH!! checked their website and CFS is not on the menu any more!! Ditto with their sirloin. Where'd the beef go?

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                        Country Fried steak still on the dinner menu at Luc's, as of right now.

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                    FYI, eatemup, there's a Groupon deal for Luc's Bistro in Poway:


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                      Thanks. Now I can have CFS that is good and cheap. I find that if I have them hold the mashed spuds and put salad on there instead that it is actually negative net calories AND fat grams. Really!

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                        hey eatemup - on the calorie count, is that with or without wine? :)

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                          If I bring my own it counts for zero calories. If I order it there it counts.

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                            how does the count work if someone else brings the wine?

                  3. Ricky's on Hotel Circle South -- spoiled us for eating chicken-fried steak anyplace else.

                    1. Sunday Supper at Cowboy Star on 8/28:

                      To show just how much we care... Tomorrows Supper Sunday is the fan favorite Meyer Prime Chicken Fried Steak with country sausage gravy, roasted garlic mashed potatoes and yellow & green beans almondine! We just love saying Almondine

                      See you there? ;D

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                        I've heard their Sunday Fried Chicken and Chicken Fried Steak is off the chain..
                        Roasted garlic mash pot's and yellow and green beans almondine...yum!

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                          you're something of a local there as I understand it

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                            Not me...but haven't that put a plaque with your name on it at the bar? ;D

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                              not there but had one a long time back at Dobsons