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Aug 19, 2011 10:16 AM

Is that food truck thing at the distillery worth going to tomorrow?

What vendor's are good?

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  1. Go early (like before they open) and go with friends. Divide and conquer -- go to different trucks and get enough to share, then meet back at a single point to eat.

    The good news is at the last one I didn't have anything that was bad. I'm skipping this one, but look forward to the reports.

    1. If it's on par with last time, no absolutely not worth it. Hour long waits for overpriced stuff you can get elsewhere (i.e. not from a truck).

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      1. re: jmeggs

        2X the number of trucks and vendors this time, so doubt the lineups will be that bad

        1. re: ricoboxing

          COUNTERPOINT: This is Toronto - there are going to be insane lineups no matter what. Guaranteed more people will be onsite than last time.

      2. I enjoyed it last time. Would go again, but can't. However, I wrote up some notes/tips on how best to make the most if your time there. On my phone right now, so can't cut 'n' paste. But mostly, go early. Arriving at 11:30 or noon won't allow you to walk around, scope things out, and talk to vendors. Arriving at 10:30, will. The vendors are also more spread out this time around, and there are more vendors. But I think it will still be very busy. Good buzz from last time, lots if buzz this time... Hopefully, the new layout will alleviate most of the traffic issues from the first event.
        -- -- food. is. love.

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        1. re: jlunar

          I read your tips so I will take the liberty of posting them for you ( from
          )(weird it isn't showing up with the numbers )

          Arrive early. Or at the very least, on time. The last time I showed up 15 minutes before start-time and did quite well; late-comers had slim pickings.

          Don’t wait in line. Because I chose vendors with short lines, I never waited more than 15 minutes for anything. And I ate at nearly all the major vendors.

          Bring a container. Don’t be stuck in a quandary when you realize that you have only two hands and want three items or more.

          Bring utensils. And by that, I really mean a pair of chopsticks. You’d be surprised at how much easier some things are to eat with chopsticks. Maybe that’s just me.
          Wet Ones. I couldn’t eat the ice cream sandwich with chopsticks. It was also a hot day. The rest of the afternoon was a lot nicer with not-sticky hands.
          Tide-To-Go is your friend. And don’t wear white.

          Bring some water. Keep hydrated! Especially if you decide to hit the Sake brewery afterwards.

          Divide and conquer. Attending with friends? Put your man-power to use by standing in different lines at the same time. Pick a rendez-vous spot to share your haul.

          Make a plan. There’s a map. There’s a vendor list. Knowing who and where is half the battle.

          Why so serious? Despite the crush, people were really good about being in line forever and sometimes not getting anything. Be one of these people in spirit. Because you should be following tip #2 anyway.

          Thanks for the tips jlunar .... I am optimistic and I think the re-working of the map (it being spread out around the Distillery) will make it easier to manage. Also, I think a lot of people that went the first time might not bother going out again (thinking it would be 2 hour waits again). Last time there was a jazz fest on that may have attracted a bigger crowd as well.

          1. re: ylsf

            Thanks ylsf :)

            Also, just saw on twitter that if you show early at 10am and donate $10 to Second Harvest, you get early access to the vendors between 10am and 11am!

            Worth doing, I tell ya. Hope they do this next time too...

            1. re: jlunar

              That's a great idea in theory, however how many vendors are actually going to be up and running at that point?

            2. re: ylsf

              jeez....we need tips to eat at food trucks?

              i am beginning to think that this will be so unworth it. *sigh!*

              only in Toronto...

              1. re: atomeyes

                What about the food though, I don't need to eat like Smokes poutine or Caplanskys or any chains that will be there, Are there any really standout trucks with amazing food?

                1. re: Bobby Wham

                  When i went last time, my favourite bites were actually from some of the resaurants that had set up booths (Marben, Cava...etc). The food from the trucks themselves was good, not outstanding. That said, I too would go back if I didn't have plans tomorrow. I got a lot of small but great bites all at one location.

          2. Here's a map with all of the vendors. I'm so glad that they created this. The layout is way more spread out than last time.

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