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Aug 19, 2011 09:39 AM

Cafe Benelux Milwaukee. Did we just hit a bad night? Is it worth returning for the food?..........

Joined two friends at Cafe Benelux last week. The night was lovely, the rooftop terrace was hopping and quite a wonderful environment. We ordered wine and chatted for a bit and then ordered dinner. I ordered the fish entree served over mashed cauliflower and served with veggies. Friend ordered mussels as her entree with some fries, third friend ordered sliders along with sweet potato fries. When the food finally came it was clear that it had been waiting a while to be served. The fries were all cold, the cauliflower under my fish was refrigerator cold and actually had me reviewing the menu to see if I had misread the dish description. The mussels were pretty tasteless. I also ordered a malbec by the glass. The one that was on the menu was not available for some reason. So, I saw another one that they had by the bottle. It was listed as a 40 dollar bottle so I figured that they might open one and sell me a glass for the $9.50 that they were selling the other malbec for but they refused. Not saying that they had any obligation to sell it to me but it seems odd that they would not substitute that given the fact that four glasses of that would have given them the same profit that selling the bottle would have and I am guessing that other customers would have appreciated the substitution. In any event, wound up sending the food back to be recooked and when it arrived it was fine. But, then we ordered coffee and dessert. The coffee did not arrive for 20 minutes and the crepe finally arrived about 10 minutes later. It was placed on the table without any utensils or plates even though it was clear that three of us were sharing it.......... When we finally got the attention of our server (who was very sweet and nice, by the way), she seemed surprised to find that we were served without any way to eat it. The manager came over and apologized for the debacle and took a significant amount of money off the bill. So, they did do something to try to make it up to us. But, I am wondering whether anyone has had a positive experience with the food. My take is that it is great for drinks and the atmosphere but drink up and eat elsewhere. Thoughts?

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  1. I haven't had a full meal there, but I will share our time there.

    We stopped in for an appetizer with some friends who hadn't eaten. They had those giant pancakes and thought they were good, but they were not raving about them. i shared the breakfast poutine and the gravy and fries were great, but the "poached eggs" had completely hard yolks. When I told the bartender she just gave me this blank stare until I actually asked for new eggs. The new ones were cooked correctly.

    We stopped in for a beer on another occasion and had to wait a while to be approached at the bar and then just got a generally uninterested vibe in terms of service.

    Not sure if you visit Cafe Hollander ever, but my first impression was pretty much the same I felt about this place. Cool space. Great beer. Hit or miss on the food.

    Cafe Hollander
    7677 W State St, Wauwatosa, WI 53213

    1. Sorry to hear about that, but quite similar to our experience.

      I think they use their "view" as an excuse for serving bad food. There are better places in the 3rd Ward.