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Aug 19, 2011 09:16 AM

Food in the vicinity of Nairn, Scotland

We'll be staying in Nairn for 2 nights in a few weeks, and I get the impression the area is kind of a wasteland food-wise. Hopefully somebody can disprove this theory!

Mostly looking for simple but tasty dinner spots. One day we'll be driving from the Dufftown area, if that helps.

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  1. Bear in mind it is only a large village, so there isnt much scope.

    But you're only 15 miles from Inverness so that should easily sort out two nights. And more.

    1. The Cawdor Tavern (in Cawdor) is pretty good. I have eaten there once. The Boath House is high-end and well regarded, but I have not been there.

      1. I would definately recommend The Boath House. 4 AA rosettes and a Michelin star - obviously top end but take the time and treat yourself, this is an outstanding restaurant with a unique atmosphere (as it is also an art gallery). And on a summer's evening the grounds and gardens are delightful