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Mar 29, 2006 02:00 AM


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Any thoughts?

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  1. good zaru soba and udon, great atmosphere, and INCREDIBLE gyu tataki.

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    1. re: rickmond

      Agreed. I really love the fresh soba here and crave it often. The Bob Marley on the speakers sets everything off nicely... Only been to the WeHo location. Great place.

    2. I have dreams about their miso glazed eggplant thing....


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      1. re: srl

        their miso eggplant is really good, a tad bit on the gluttonous sweet side, but definitely crave-worthy.

        I didn't like their sansai soba, and the fish in their chirashi don bowl wasn't that fresh. Tried their beef gyu tataki from chowhound recs that it's the best beef tataki. I thought it was good, but not the best.

        It was just average food for me at best, and way too pricey. You can find much better food for better prices at other places.

      2. I used to love Yabu, but I've been twice in the last couple of months, and I'm just not feeling it.

        1. I loved Yabu (the Pico location) the first couple times I went there, and then had two not-so-great dinners there about three years ago and haven't been back since. There are so many other great sushi bars that are more consistent and less expensive (e.g. Sushi Zo) that I see no reason to go back to Yabu.

          1. Don't go to Yabu for the sushi, go for the soba (i especially like the cold soba), the broiled squid, the black cod, the shishito peppers and any other of the cooked dishes. They just started serving sushi a few years ago because it seems every LA restaurant has to serve sushi, but they used to be just a cooked food & noodle house place and that is still their strength.

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            1. re: ktm

              Oh I do remember that the lotus roots (I think they were lotus roots) were the bomb. Do they still have that?