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Aug 19, 2011 07:46 AM

"Red Tuna" sushi/sashimi AYCE list

Looking to compile a list of AYCE Sushi Restaurants in GTA and close vicinity
Please start with restaurant name, location, price, red tuna sushi and/or sashimi then a short review or comments.
I have read the AYCE thread and for 5 years gives an excellent synopsis but gets somewhat confusing and some restaurants don't exist any more.
Hope this takes off as I am a salmon and tuna lover and a tuna sashimi place if it exists would be awesome!!

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  1. What is red tuna? Blue fin?

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    1. re: tjr

      Generally "red tuna" is called maguro and is supposed to be Bluefin but also can be yellowfin or big eye from what I have read. You can ask and they usually tell you. White tuna which isn't really tuna but an oilfish is readily available as sashimi and sushi on AYCE menus but "red tuna" is rarely seen included hence the reason for my post. With so many AYCE sushi places to try I want to narrow my choices down a bit including "red tuna" only restaurants. Toro is another type of red tuna sushi and is described as fatty tuna.

      1. re: Makeempay

        I've never heard anyone refer to red tuna before, which is why I asked. Most decent restaurants just translate maguro as tuna, or, in certain cases (like, say, Yuzu), the actual different varieties of tuna are listed.

        My concern is this: a restaurant serving maguro that they claim is bluefin at an AYCE is a bit ridiculous. Given that these sorts of restaurants mislabel other fish (for example: "white" tuna [shiro/bincho maguro], a term referring to albacore, is substituted with cheap escolar [abura bouzu], or tilapia masquerading as tai), why would you expect them to be serving a premium product at rock bottom prices?

        "Red" tuna sounds like a way for sketchy restaurants to mislabel and misrepresent their products in an attempt to deceive their patrons.

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          I was at Kiku at 808 York Mills last night and for 22.99 it did not disappoint. Yes they had red tuna there and when I asked they said it was Bluefin. Maybe it wasn't Bluefin in the true sense of the word but it was good. We are getting off topic while providing necessay background. I. will now start what I hope to be a list of restaurants offering "red tuna" at AYCE whatever it may be.

    2. Kiku
      808 York Mills at Leslie
      $19.99 dinner, $2.00 more Fri-Sun
      Red Tuna sushi on dinner menu

      Good quality sushi and sashimi with nice presentation an attentive (almost over attentive) service
      Red tuna was thinly sliced but not scrawny, tasted and smelled fresh and we ordered 20 pieces without a problem. The sushi chef said it was bluefin tuna.
      Salmon sashimi was excellent and melted in your mouth!
      Tempura shrimp and veges as well as seaweed salad surprisingly good.
      5 percent off for cash and prices high for children
      Would recommend and as my Korean friend said "one of the top 3 AYCE sushi places of about 50 he has tried"

      1. Me thinks this list is gonna be real small.

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        1. re: Notorious P.I.G.

          Spoon and Fork offers it. On their lunch menu even!

          Spoon and Fork
          Toronto, Toronto, ON , CA

        2. Echo Sushi on Yonge/Davisville has "red tuna" on their AYCE dinner menue. Thick Slice, rice is small. Very fresh.

          Echo Sushi
          2036 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4S1Z9, CA

          1. California Roll Sushi Bayview/Flemming has very fresh Red Tuna Hand Roll for AYCE lunch.