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Aug 19, 2011 07:26 AM

Cocktails near Doylestown?

We are going to Fordhook Farm (Doylestown) Saturday for the open house/garden and thinking about a cocktail and maybe a snack before we leave our friends and head in opposite directions (Phila and Bethlehem). Any ideas?

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  1. What time of day are you thinking of? Closer to lunch or dinner?

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        Here are a few suggestions:

        M.O.M's on Main - Victorian decore, interesting food with a creole touch, they do have sidewalk tables if you want to sit outside. Good liquor selection. http:// Main street in Doylestown

        Slate Bleu - Located in the agriculture works with plenty of parking French continental food. They have a bar, and a bar menu (things like country pate, onion soup steak tartare etc.) and a nice wine selection I have never ordered cocktails there so do not know their prowess. Just off mainstreet in doylestown.

        Heart of Oak Pub corner of 202 and 413. Five minute drive from downtown doylestown. It is an english style pub, but their menu also includes italian items from Baci, the northern italian restaurant upstairs. Standard beer selection, and competent bartenders.

        TJ Smiths (just south of town on 611) makes flatbreads, salads etc, and has a nice outdoor patio to sit on.

        The last is a suggestion only if you want to have really interesting drinks, and you would need to call and make reservations-- they are small and sell out on weekend. Honey is a great restaurant in Doylestown, and they also make really interesting cocktails. Its a small plate restaurant, so if you went right when they opened, perhaps you could have a drink and a few small plates Take a look at their menu if this sounds interesting.

        Other options include: Knight House, Chambers/the Otherside, Penn Tavern (nice outdoor garden), Paganini wine bar, Stefanies, Mesquito Grill (known for their wings.) These are all in the middle of doylestown within two blocks of each other.

        Hope you have a great day and would love to hear wher

    1. +1 for Honey. It is our favorite spot in D-Town. Welcome to our neck of the woods Bigley9!

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        We will be in garden tour clothes though - and not khakis with a sweater tied rakishly around our shoulders ; ) - I'm not sure that would work.

      2. Thanks cwdonald and crazyspice! We ended up at M.O.M.'s which was nice - very easy to get to, good snacks and drinks - nothing inspirational but nicely prepared (I have to admit we ordered a second plate of fried pickles - guilty pleasure) and the service was attentive. Fit the bill for a casual place to catch up over a drink or two. We actually talked about wanting to try Honey and just enjoying Doylestown - it might be a place we meet up in the future with these friends!
        Thanks again.

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          Glad you had a good time. I have yet to try M.O.M. Could be a destination with the Fine Arts Festival coming up next month. Although last year the fried oysters at 86 West were amazing.

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            their menu looks good! Hadnt seen that one.

            1. re: Bigley9

              I should have mentioned 86 West. Their bar area connects 86 West and Knight House. Next time you are up this way, you should seriously consider stopping in.