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Aug 19, 2011 05:38 AM

Butcher in Plymouth area

I used to live here 20 years ago and you could find a great butcher just about anywhere. I just bought a beach house in south Plymouth and am coming up for a month starting next week. I am looking for 3 specific things. Real homemade (traditional) italian sausage. Traditional (meat filled) homemade tortellini. A butcher that has prime beef.

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  1. While I'm not sure about all your specifics, notably "Prime" or the tortellini request I can make a few general recommendations.

    The Market in Pine Hills carries a pretty good variety of meats and it's in S. Plymouth, but it's pricey. I'd compare it to a mini Whole Foods.

    The other two butchers I'd recommend are both in N. Plymouth and a block away from each other. Both are a bit more old school butcher shops than The Market. The first choice would be Piantedosi's Butcher Shop. I've seen Prime there and they make their own sausage. The old man butcher can be a little grumpy at times but he is a good butcher. The other butcher I would recommend is at Perry's Market. Perry's is a bit unconventional to look at because at first appearance you may think it's a liquor/convenience store but the butcher is out back. There are things I prefer to buy at Piantedosi's like steaks or pork chops, but I like Perry's square burgers and home-made sausage better. Hope that helps.