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Aug 19, 2011 05:32 AM

Best Vietnamese Dinner

Coming to Atlanta and would like a great dinner in a Vietnamese restaurant. Have spent time in Vietnam and love to cook Vietnamese food. Live near New Orleans where there are amazing Vietnamese restaurants. Looking for authentic, full menu ( no a banh mi or pho shops). Thanks!

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  1. You should consider Nam Phuong. They don't do banh mi that I know of and their pho is not as good as others around town, but they do a very good family style menu. They have two locations. The older/original location is on Jimmy Carter Blvd. The newer one is on Buford Hwy. Both are only about 15 minutes apart. From understanding, the location on Jimmy Carter Blvd has a fuller menu. I could be wrong as I've only been to that location.

    Nam Phuong

    931 Monroe Drive Suite 101-A, Atlanta, GA 30308

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      Second this rec. I've also only been to the location on Jimmy carter

    2. I took a group of eight from my church's International Dining Group to Nam Phuong on Jimmy Carter Blvd. in Norcross this afternoon and was told that this was one of the best meals yet. This was our fortieth outing. We tried spring rolls, beef curry, a couple of shrimp dishes, pho and more. It was very well received. The only complaint was that the various dishes came out as they were ready and staff had no idea who had ordered what. Nam Phuong was chosen because a Vietnamese co-worker of my son recommended it as one of the very best Vietnamese restaurants in the metro area.

      1. Chateau Saigon is a great Vietnamese resto on Buford Highway. I have been several times and have not had a bad meal yet. Definitely not a Pho shop or Bahn Mi spot.