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Aug 19, 2011 05:09 AM

Ramen miso broth


I am trying to create ramen "miso" broth like the one that I found in many ramen restaurants.

Well, I am making some basic ramen miso broth using:

- dashi
- soy sauce
- mirin
- miso paste (white)
- miso paste (red)

The thing that I don't quite understand ... I always read that we should not boil miso paste, for example when making miso soup. Because when you boil miso, the taste will change and not delicate anymore.

However, on my experiment, I cannot get the miso paste dissolved into the broth. After some times, the miso will be separated and went down to the bottom of the broth.

So, what's the secret with the ramen miso broth on those restaurants? Because I found the broth was not separating the miso.

Boil it?

Use some kind of liquid agent?

Soap? :)


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  1. I'm not an expert but the few times I have used miso to make some kind of soup I put it in a small seive and lowered it into the broth (which I kept on a low heat). I then pushed the miso through the seive with a spoon. Afterwards I stirred thoroughly.

    No lumps and it mixed in well.

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    1. re: Muchlove

      Sure, no lumps and mixed. That's correct.

      But, after some times ... the miso will be separating ... going down to the bottom of the broth.

      1. re: ewlung

        Hmmm....sorry I couldn't be of any help!

        *waits for miso experts to appear*

        1. re: Muchlove

          Yupe, still waiting ... they are hiding ! :)

    2. I dissolve it by first mixing it into liquid in a very small bowl or cup, where I can easily use the spoon to crush it against the sides and get it mixed in. Once it's smooth, I pour the miso slurry into the rest of the broth.

      It may depend on the type of miso you are using. I have noticed that white miso settles to the bottom more than other types of miso. Also, adding a very small amount of oil to the broth might be worth a try.