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Aug 18, 2011 11:18 PM

Center City Philadelphia: DiBruno Bros now has kosher meat

Just heard that DiBruno's in Center City Philly is now carrying Glatt kosher steaks, ground beef, hamburger patties and organic boneless chicken breast. It's a trial for them, so if you're interested, buy some meat so they keep stocking it.

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  1. what?? Thias is reallt, really cool!!! Thnaks for the tip!

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    1. re: Prettypoodle

      Here is the info on thr PNLY location that sells Kosher beef:

      1730 Chestnut Street
      Philadelphia, PA 19103
      P. 215.665.9220|F. 215.665.1259

      I just called and the "meat man" was super nice:) They currently have fround beef at $9.99 a pound , NY strop steaks and one other thing tpo. What an exciting week for Philadelphia - two new kosher places to eat on South Street and Kosher beef off of Rittwnhouse Square :)!!!!

      1. re: Prettypoodle

        They have been doing this for over a year. At first they had a great selection, but as the manager said, "everyone says thank you, thank you, but they don't buy." So now the selection is not as big. Thank you.

        1. re: Bride of the Juggler

          I had the same response when I spoke with the managers, Jason and Will. They lost thousands of dollars the last two times they stocked kosher meat, so they are nervous. We went in and bought even though we didn't need it that week to show support. It would be REALLY convenient if DiBrunos carries kosher meat, and there are plenty of kosher people around, so I think the only problem is getting the word out. If they can consistently carry it people will come. The problem is when they stop and start again and people don't know what to expect. Thanks barryg for starting this thread!

          1. re: kosherfoodfan

            Sadly the location is really poor for me. IF they were at RTM I wiuld check them out and buy when i could. I am within FEET of RTM at least twice a week and often shop there. Perhaps in the fall/winter I can get to their "kosher" location.

    2. I know I'm coming late to this-- do we know what company the meat it/what hechsher it's under?

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      1. re: Zahava424

        It is Empire and Meal Mart - OU certified.