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Aug 18, 2011 10:19 PM

Is this Philadelphia-style pizza? Santucci's @ 10th & Christian

I dined in at the new Santucci's last night, and the pizza is fantastic. It was my first Santucci's experience (they have a few other locations, mostly in the Northeast). For those that don't know, this is a square pie, medium-thick crust, with the cheese underneath the sauce.

The pie is like a delicious mutant cross between a bakery-style tomato pie and regular pizza. The sauce is on the pastier side, like tomato pie, and very flavorful, like good tomato pie. The crust is similar to tomato pie, but made very crispy in the oven.

I do wonder how well the pies will travel. It cooled down pretty quickly compared to most pizza, I think because the cheese isn't on top to retain heat. Fresh out of the oven, it was great.

The style is similar to some other pizzas I've had recently; namely, Stogie Joe's and La Rosa's. Do they make pizza like this anywhere else? Is this what Philly-style pizza is?

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  1. You might be on to something barryg! When I worked in the Northeast, we often got pizza from Santucci's. The "locals" claimed it was the best pizza in the area. It took some time for me to get used to the taste and texture of this pizza. I can't say it ever became my favorite, but I have traveled all over the country and don't recall ever having pizza just like Santucci's.

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      There's a Santucci's in Manayunk that opened a few years ago and quickly shot up to best-in-the-neighborhood status, along with Alex's and Couch Tomato. Their sausage and pepperoni pizza is one of my favorite things. I order one, eat like 4 slices immediately and take the rest for lunch for the next two days. Fast delivery too. And they have my card saved in their system so my phone calls are even quick. Pretty convenient and satisfying across the board.

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        My husband, the Italian maven thinks this is Sicilian style pizza. Now we gotta try it.

        Back in Tucson, in the 50's, they had square pizza, but it's the part about the cheese being
        underneath that mystifies me. I come from Trenton, where one ordered tomoto pies, not pizza....

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          The Sicilians I've had around here are similar, but usually have a much thicker crust than Santucci's and Stogie Joe's. When you check it out, let is know what you and your husband think!