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Aug 18, 2011 09:55 PM

Any New Brick Oven Pizza Places in town to try?

hubby and I love to try new pizza places....I thought I read an article not too long ago about a few new pizza places that opened using brick ovens like in italy. Anybody have any recommendations
of some places to try? Thanks !

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  1. not knowing what you've tried, you might consider;

    Dolce Vita
    Tasting Room in the Town and Country complex brought in an oven and are "certified", tho i preferred Dolce Vita
    Russo's off 290

    If you are up for a "road trip",, head to San Antonio and try Dough at 410/Blanco.. Best Italian pizza in texas and Naples"certified"..

    The Tasting Room
    1101 Uptown Park Blvd # 18, Houston, TX

    1. Grimaldi's in Sugar Land. They clean the oven everyday around 3 so work your visit around that 45 minute shut down.

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        love Grimaldi's, especially the one in Brooklyn.. Sugarland is good,, the woodlands location, NOT.

      2. Thanks for the tips. We have done Dolce Vita...I just hate to be rushed through dinner and can't stand the hovering that goes on there. They literally whisked away our appetizer when they brought the pizza and we weren't finished with it. When I tried to stop the waiter he acted like he didn't hear me but I know he did....everyone in the vicinity heard me according to my hubby :)

        So was wanting to try some other places with good brick oven pizza...will check out the ones you mentioned.

        And we are trying to come up with a reason to visit San Antonio so we can go to DOUGH...well heck, maybe that should just BE THE REASON to go ! Bon Journo

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          Everything on the menu is terrific at Dough... I spk with the owner awhile back.. he and his wife traveled quite a bit to learn what others were doing before building his concept.. I think it compares to Keste in NYC. Try the mushroom appetizer,, enough for 4 and soooo tasty... szechuan restaurant on NW Military Dr..... the absolutely BEST chinese found anywhere... have the chindu dumpling and Dan Dan noodles.
          I agree with your take on Dolce Vita.. I noticed the same rushed atmosphere some time ago and have since sat at the bar with each visit now.. Next visit,, let Jorge take care of u there... he's a good guy that runs a tight ship there..

          1. re: bornie

            Was pretty underwhelmed by Dough when I went in to their SA location months ago. Yes, it's still a good pizza made with quality ingredients, but Dallas is having some kind of pizza renaissance right now. We've had a surge of places opening with a product that to me, is just as good if not better, and at a lower price point. Dallas could be a destination for you just for pizza!

            To be specific, I'm talking about the trinity for Neapolitan pizza in Dallas: Cane Rosso, Cavalli, and Olivella's. Cane Rosso is one of the first places I recommend to people visiting, especially if they are from Houston since a pizza of that quality just doesn't exist down there. Jay has really high standards for quality and he's done a great job educating diners on the beauty and nuances of this style of pizza. Their pizzas are my benchmark for comparison. My experience is only limited to Texas cities and so far, I haven't found anything else in Houston, Austin (Backspace), or San Antonio that matches. Cavalli was the first to open, back when Cane Rosso didn't have a restaurant and they served pizzas out of a mobile oven. Now Cavalli has two locations (Irving/Mckinney) and I believe they've recently picked up a mobile oven as well. Olivella's, I've never been because I just never get around to the Park Cities neighborhood.

            Actually we even have a Dough location that just opened last week. However, I haven't really heard anything good about the Dallas location, at least not from a credible source.

            I'm sure it won't take Houston long to have a similar uptick in pizza though, I know the dining culture there would embrace it.

            1. re: air

              Sitting at the bar at dough as I read ur note, hilarius. I'll c if I can snap a pic. Place is hopping!

          2. re: doneal16

            I was at Dolce Vita for lunch yesterday and while it remains one of our favorite places, I did notice our waitress was a bit rushed. Still we stayed for 2 hours, a few bottles of wine and dessert. Only real complaint, we ordered two cheeses of a list of 6 or so cheeses for dessert, which came with a bowl of honey along side the two whole cheese pieces. Nothing else. Bewildered, we asked if they had any bread or crackers. A few minutes later they brought a plate of pizza crusts and added $6 on the bill for it! I guess they wanted us to pick up the hunks of cheese, dip them in the honey and bite off a chunk before passing it on? Weird.

            1. re: Lambowner

              A few bottles of wine, that's more than two in my book. Lambsy, you are my new hero. My go to pizza place doesn't have a coal/wood oven, but has never let me down in 30 plus years. It's Antonio's on Hillcroft just south of Westheimer, with an Italian owner via Northeast US. I hear New York accents there, plus some Italian, and if you're lucky, a verbal sparring match between the owner and his daughters in Italian. They have real New York style pizza, just delicious.

          3. Russo's New York Pizza has two locations with coal ovens. One on I-10 east of gessner, the other 290 and hwy6. The other locations seem to have the gas fired stone/brick ovens. IIRC the two family Carrabbas have wood pizza ovens. Fratelli's on 290 near the loop now has a brick pizza oven.(Haven't tried that yet)

            10989 Northwest Fwy, Houston, TX 77092

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              I really like Russo's, and here it comes, BUT, they use coal and gas. I sit at the bar and eat there, and you can clearly see the pizza cook manipulate the gas burner and occasionaly dump in some coal. Kinda like a BBQ place that uses gas and wood, doesn't mean it's bad Q, just not original all wood. One thing about Russo's, they tend to dumb down the pizzas for the locals that don't like dark spots on the crust or the top, so ask for it crispy, or extra crispy, plus I limit toppings to one or none except cheese, as they overwhelm the deliclous thin crust.

            2. Piola in Midtown has a very good carbanara pizza. That's all I get there, wish it had a little more bacon but then again I always can use more bacon.