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Aug 18, 2011 09:26 PM

Where can I buy celery salt in Brooklyn?

I need to buy celery salt and don;t know where to buy it. I live in Windsor Terrace so anywhere in the Park Slope/Carrol Garden/Boerum Hill/Other Central Brooklyn areas would be ideal, otherwise a location in Manhattan would work. Thanks!

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  1. have you checked the big supermarkets, Key Food etc? I think its still a standard item for McCormicks etc.
    if you can only find celery seed you can always grind it in a spice mill with kosher salt (1:2) to obtain the celery salt.

    1. Key Food will definately have it, but I would try D'vine Taste first as their spices are priced lower and they are very helpful.

      D'Vine Taste
      150 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

      1. it's a pretty common product, any larger supermarket will have it, Key, Associated, Met, Shop-Rite, Pathmark, etc. Met in Carroll Gardens on Henry has it.

        I do what jen kalb suggests, since I always have celery seeds, I make my own. But then you have to buy celery seeds...

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          I am growing celery in my garden and have added some dried celery leaves in addition to the celery seeds.. it makes it a lot prettier as well.

        2. Hi all, I should have posted this earlier. I found it at Fairway. Didn't realize it was a normal herb in the US, but haven;t had the easiest time finding it. Also, since I always have celery seed and kosher salt, I think next time I will make my own. As it turns out, I have found all these great recipes for making lots of different kinds of salts so this was a good thing to ask about! Cheers everyone.

          Fairway Market
          480 Van Brunt St, Brooklyn, NY 11231